These tears that i shed from endearment of pain

from playing your game

open your eyes and realize that i hunger for your love

when i look into your eyes i had tears but i couldn’t cry

where we were we had wings but couldn’t fly

the only thing i got going for me

is the hope for tomorrow to be a better day

as for tonight another night without you

praying that this pain would go away

lost in darkness i stumble for the door

without you there i got nothing else to live for

your happiness is my pain

my suffering is your game

all i wish is to be in your cress

then i realize I’m only second best

no longer wanted darkness my only friend

to my emptiness to my looniness their is no end

all i want is for you to love me again

do you feel what i feel emotionally

do you love me at least give me a maybe.

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