So many tears i cried of loneliness

i feel so hollow inside like a carcass

darkness is haunting me driving me into insanity

my life now shattered from all the pain

Don’t know where I’m going

but it’s someplace new

to a paradise of suffering

even though i shed these tears it seems as though no one cares

i play the game that i just can’t win

every time i try I’m destined to loose again

beaten by all the battles that i fought over time

I’m lost into a paradise of suffering

Don’t know where I’m going but its someplace new

a place i know all too well

a paradise of suffering of inner hell

ripped open by torment of lust watching me bleed internally

slowly killed by the ones that i trust

dejected from grace sentenced to suffer from emptiness for eternity

forever cursed for my need to be loved

these tears that i shed from endearment of pain from playing your game

open your eyes and realize

that i hunger for your love

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