The suffering feeds on my innocence it makes me burn

they told me not to love you but I guess I’ll never learn

the first day I saw you it brought tears to my eyes.

I’m living in hell but i have no choice

but i know that somewhere someone hears my voice

i thought i knew it all, i thoughts i had it all but i feel it slipping away

how could it end this way

in this dream that’s haunting me my nightmare has become my reality

like an angel fallen through the skies

i know that somewhere someone sees my cries

where’s the helping hand is this my final stand

the hole in my heart cause the hole in my head

now they left me for dead

I’m down for the final count

how could you do this to me

put me through this agony

when i gave you my all

you just let me fall

and laughed at my cries

my heart now blackened its bleeding tears

can’t they see my suffering

or just can’t see it from this far

don’t have much to live for

everyone else seems to have more

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