I remember the day you said good-bye

i laid my head on my pillow and cried

left all alone again left in the dark

my only friend

its really something this love i have for you

its pure these feelings i have for you are true

i tried so hard to make you see

to show you how much you mean to me

how could you have done this to me

when i gave you my all

you ripped out my heart

and threw it away

this love i have for you is coming to its end

swallowed by the dark

its my only friend

each time you turned your back on me

my heart slowly died

remember the times you said you loved me

but i guess they were only lies

left all alone again

hiding in the shadows on a hollow man

i blame myself for not always being there for you

but now i can

a desperate man on the search

for the one he loves

forgotten man displaced by the world

looking for the maiden to put

his heart back into place

this love i have for you

it tears the sky

the cries it calls your name

when i lost you i had

no one but myself to blame

forgotten it appears

he slowly disappears

promised words we say

the feelings slept away

i thought you knew how much i loved you

the broken dream came true

tears of agony

heart in tormented pain

the day you left me

never again will i be the same

it hurts so much this love i have for you

if i could only touch you

it would be a dream come true

your my angel can’t you see

your my light you mean so much to me.

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