upon this grave of the departed he was never closely guarded

for too long now i had unanswered cries

I’m falling away I’m so afraid

the love we had is crumbling

the time will come when I’ll die alone

but i cannot resist the fear

its the struggle that threatens me

will you stay or leave

how cruel live was to me

for my time here is limited

the joy i need restricted to despair

to place care in me was a waste of time

the emptiness reigns in my soul

encourage the madness welcome insanity

life constantly challenging me

all alone and afraid

the suffering begins when death ends

can no longer bare it you’ll be the one to send me to my grave

disgrace leads to denial no more smiles

faith leads me blind lies so hard to comprehend

my disturbed mind replays

laying low digging my hole

will i leave without any hope

what a man makes is therefor another’s greed

he’s a victim of this circumstance

these wounds won’t go away

there’s things inside me makes my screams and shouts

why has torment chosen me

beware for their are things that bite without a care

the agony never seeps

instead it bleeds me.

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