#6407: davepoobond -> AngelBabi

Dr. Dave to the rescue!


davepoobond: whats the matter angel. you think you’re pregnant?

AngelBabi: ya

davepoobond: who’d you have sex with unprotected

AngelBabi: it was protected

davepoobond: did the condom break

AngelBabi: i dont know

davepoobond: did you have your period at the right time

AngelBabi: no

davepoobond: you’re pry pregnant then.

davepoobond: you have to get a test though

davepoobond: did the guy walk out

AngelBabi: no

davepoobond: is he gonna be supportive

AngelBabi: he doesnt know

davepoobond: is he a boyfriend

AngelBabi: y

AngelBabi: *ya

davepoobond: you should bring it up with him to see what you should do

davepoobond: of course you’re gonna have to have an abortion

davepoobond: so its a lotta money

davepoobond: but how long ago was it that you had sex

AngelBabi: like a month ago

davepoobond: that was the last time?

AngelBabi: no but since then i havent gotten my period

davepoobond: there’s no way to be sure. you should get yourself some pregnancy tests and morning after pills

davepoobond: so every time you have sex, take the pill

davepoobond: you’d better check w/a pregnancy test

davepoobond: hello are you hearing me

AngelBabi: yeah

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: so what are you gonna do

AngelBabi: i dont know

davepoobond: ok, i’ll tell you the order of what you should do

davepoobond: 1. dont tell parents

davepoobond: 2. tell your boyfriend you may be pregnant, if he freaks out and walks out, you’re gonna be alone. if he doesnt then he’s a keeper, then you should plan what you should do

davepoobond: 3. get a pregnancy test

davepoobond: 4. test

davepoobond: are you going to do this?

AngelBabi: i dont know

davepoobond: you’re gonna have to.

AngelBabi: im definately not telling my parents i know that

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: do you listen to Loveline

AngelBabi: no

davepoobond: with dr. drew and adam

davepoobond: well

davepoobond: you should take my advice

davepoobond: you should call Planned Parenthood

davepoobond: snorgle borgen

AngelBabi: ?

davepoobond: ?

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