#6408: FoozBlondeSista -> davepoobond

FoozBlondeSista: some name

davepoobond: yeah it is

davepoobond: but what am i gonna do about it

FoozBlondeSista: do abou;what

davepoobond: never mind

FoozBlondeSista: ok i gtg bye

davepoobond: what

davepoobond: that doesnt make sense

davepoobond: fine bye

davepoobond: bllllllll

FoozBlondeSista: leave me alone

davepoobond: why?

FoozBlondeSista: just leave me alone

davepoobond: why

davepoobond: what’d i do

FoozBlondeSista: stop asking me why n leave me alone r u can jus talk ta my bf

davepoobond: why

davepoobond: ok i’ll talk to him

FoozBlondeSista: aight wait then

davepoobond: daddy didnt love meeeeeeee

Auto response from FoozBlondeSista: see that lil ‘away message’ notepad? yanno what that means? AWAY!! therefore, I AM NOT HIR!!

davepoobond: no i dont

davepoobond: where’s ur bf

FoozBlondeSista: leave me alone, he’ll im u when he gets back

davepoobond: whats he doin

davepoobond: ur mom?

FoozBlondeSista: he’s away right now, so LEAVE ME ALONE, and my MOM isnt even here

davepoobond: OK THEN

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