#6406: davepoobond -> Blind Bubba

davepoobond: elooooooo

Blind Bubba: this is Blind Bubba’s sister

Blind Bubba: who are you

davepoobond: um

davepoobond: my name is HM098-L, i’m an automatic response bot

Blind Bubba: whats that

davepoobond: i basically go around tell people random things

davepoobond: i get payed for it too

Blind Bubba: how much???

davepoobond: look at me. i’m a robot. wheeeeeee!

Blind Bubba: i want to be a bot

Blind Bubba: uh…

Blind Bubba: nevermind

Blind Bubba: bye

davepoobond: k bye

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