#6098: davepoobond -> Syfir

davepoobond: are you potty trained?

Syfir: no..I am not

davepoobond: why not

Syfir: haha

Syfir: I already saw the picture

davepoobond: what picture?

davepoobond: picture of what?

Syfir: i already saw it

davepoobond: saw what

Syfir: let me guess….

Syfir: what would i do if i have a presention and i shit in my pants…right?

davepoobond: eh? how’d you know i was gonna ask that question?

Syfir: haha

Syfir: I am smarter then you think I am

davepoobond: ok, then, what am i gonna say now?

Syfir: haha

Syfir: you are just gonna chnage it

davepoobond: seriously, what am i gonna say?

Syfir: oh

Syfir: you are gonna tell me to wear diapers

davepoobond: well, i wasnt gonna say that…

davepoobond: i was gonna say “do you wear diapers”

Syfir: sure you are not

Syfir: yea

Syfir: same different

davepoobond: not to tell you to

Syfir: i don’t like that stuff on me

davepoobond: do u sit in slices of bologna?

Syfir: go mes with competition

davepoobond: syfir……..does that mean seifer?

Syfir: nope

Syfir: Syfir as in my call name

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: whatever

davepoobond: i’m gonna mess with competition then

davepoobond: but, how did you know i was gonna say the first thing?

Syfir: I told you

Syfir: I am smart

davepoobond: riiight

davepoobond: i bet you just asked paun or something

Syfir: paun?

Syfir: is he even there?

davepoobond: he was when i asked you

Syfir: oh

Syfir: dunno

davepoobond: i cant IM competition

davepoobond: you’re stuck with me!

davepoobond: mwah!

Syfir: hahaha

Syfir: IM dizeka

Syfir: then

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: she left

Syfir: he*

Syfir: IM…..

Syfir: um

Syfir: nizi


This IM happened: https://squackle.com/?p=6099


davepoobond: well, he isnt talking anymore

Syfir: haha

Syfir: x erik o


This IM happened: https://squackle.com/?p=6100


davepoobond: nyargh! he warned me!

Syfir: hah

davepoobond: well, now what?

Syfir: dunno

davepoobond: =(

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