#6097: davepoobond -> paun

davepoobond: are you potty trained?

paun: nope

davepoobond: why not

paun: because

paun: its too much a hassle

davepoobond: why do u think so

paun: because

paun: I don’t want to walk to the bathroom

paun: I’d rather just go

davepoobond: when you’re giving a presentation to the class in school, and you have to poo, do you just crap in your pants?

paun: yes

davepoobond: when do you clean your pants out?

paun: never

paun: it fertilizes my pants

davepoobond: so, you must have brown pants then?

davepoobond: and whenever your pants are overloaded, do they just slide down your leg slowly, leaving a trail and while you walk they just drop out of the bottom?

paun: no

paun: I wear diapers

davepoobond: diapers are overated

davepoobond: what you need,

davepoobond: is a super soaker bottle

paun: no

davepoobond: just jam it in, anyway you want, and go in it

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