#5950: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad was on a different sn, trying to be annoying, but it was very easy to tell that it was him. He’s stupid, cause he calls davepoobond “young david” when dave is 3 years older than him.


blowthetoad: hello there young david

blowthetoad: do you dream of horses running on the beach, with a sun set, and sand in your hair?????/

blowthetoad: because i do

blowthetoad: so…

blowthetoad: remove your foot from my poop

davepoobond: ok

blowthetoad: :: kisses you, and congradulates you ::

blowthetoad: my number on my screen name is higher than yours

blowthetoad: so haha

davepoobond: who the hell r u

blowthetoad: oh, so what now? u think you’re a hot shot

blowthetoad: a big boy

blowthetoad: i am….

blowthetoad: hm…..

blowthetoad: mr. rogers

blowthetoad: and who are you? young david

blowthetoad: talk to me, tell me your name, you’re like a la la la la parachute, she walks like she talks and she talks like she walks

blowthetoad: she bangs, she bags

blowthetoad: the magical horses

blowthetoad: she poops like a rabbit, and fucks like a bee

blowthetoad: like ever girl, in history

blowthetoad: [chorus]

blowthetoad: i want chicken i want liver meow mix meow mix so delicious

blowthetoad: you are so beautiful

blowthetoad: now i must leeve……to my mission…..

blowthetoad: to the moon

blowthetoad: good bye……i will always always love you

davepoobond: ok great

blowthetoad: my dearest……

blowthetoad: David John Bond

davepoobond: heh

blowthetoad: :: cries and goes into space ship shaped like a penis ::

blowthetoad: :: waves good-bye ::

blowthetoad: :: rocket launches in air ::

blowthetoad: :: rocket falls down ::

blowthetoad: :: breaks David John Bond’s (c) penis ::

blowthetoad: :: runs away ::

blowthetoad: :: gets in a space ship again ::

blowthetoad: ::waves good-bye and flys off::

blowthetoad: weeeeeeeeeeeee

blowthetoad: :: space ship makes poopy t.v. out of tune sound ::

blowthetoad: :: dissapears in mid-air ::

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