#5949: blowthetoad -> ELeMenT

blowthetoad: WAWAWA!!!!! I ATE A PINK TUNA!

ELeMenT: wtf dude thats sick

blowthetoad: not if you wear pink pants on your head and plug your nose, and look like rodger rabbit, and have a black dot on the tip of your nose!

ELeMenT: dude idk if its drugs you are taking or drugs you need to be takin, but do SOMETHING

blowthetoad: why, roger rabbit is a sex symbol!

ELeMenT: dude get some sleep

blowthetoad: why!!!!! im sexier than the poo in your bottox!

ELeMenT: holy shit dude lol

blowthetoad: but it’s true…..

ELeMenT: hahaa

blowthetoad: don’t laugh at me you bisexual ape with a pokédot pokémon bow in your hair!!!!!!!!!!

ELeMenT: ok

blowthetoad: promise?

blowthetoad: cross your heart?

blowthetoad: hope 2 die?

blowthetoad: stick a poo in your eye?

blowthetoad: DEAL

blowthetoad: :: SHAKES HANDS ::

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