#5948: blowthetoad -> KinkyKat

blowthetoad: how’s carly?

KinkyKat: uMM iM SurE ShEs oK

KinkyKat: whoS Dis

blowthetoad: chicken little

blowthetoad: and you?

KinkyKat: uMM

KinkyKat: BoB

blowthetoad: wow

blowthetoad: my mom’s name is ‘BoB’!!! WITH A CAPITOL B!

KinkyKat: Coo Coo

blowthetoad: Si Si

KinkyKat: LoLz

KinkyKat: coMo eSTa (how are you?)

blowthetoad: asi asi (eh…i’m okay)

blowthetoad: y tu? (and you?)

KinkyKat: Mas o MeNos (:: shrugs ::)

blowthetoad: umm…. ok

blowthetoad: si* (yes)

KinkyKat: Naw FreaLz….

KinkyKat: wHo i S diS?

blowthetoad: CHICKEN LITTLE!!!!!

KinkyKat: oK

KinkyKat: Do i Noe u?

KinkyKat: asHLeY?

blowthetoad: AnD wHy Do yOu YoU tYpE LiKe ThIs?

blowthetoad: does it do it automaticly?

KinkyKat: uH No

KinkyKat: HaBiT

KinkyKat: i oNo

blowthetoad: habit?

KinkyKat: YeaH suRe

blowthetoad: weeeeee

blowthetoad: :: toots :: (habbit)

KinkyKat: ??

KinkyKat: oK

KinkyKat: iM coNFuSeD

blowthetoad: lets start from the top….

blowthetoad: i farted…..

KinkyKat: oK

blowthetoad: it’s a habbit…..

KinkyKat: oK

blowthetoad: got it?

KinkyKat: i caNt SPeLL?

blowthetoad: exactly

blowthetoad: thats my point

blowthetoad: duh

KinkyKat: oK TheN

KinkyKat: Too BaDD i Nu DaT ALreaDy

blowthetoad: alright

blowthetoad: yeah

blowthetoad: oh well

blowthetoad: lifes a big pickle….

KinkyKat: PiCKLeS R GrosS

blowthetoad: no

blowthetoad: i like them

KinkyKat: YES

KinkyKat: Woo Hoo FeR u

blowthetoad: cucumbers are also yummy

KinkyKat: oK

KinkyKat: do i Noe u??

blowthetoad: yes…. and a big H( o )( o ) TER PAIR FOR YOU!

blowthetoad: YeS No MaYbE So

KinkyKat: wtF!

KinkyKat: oK wHo r u?

blowthetoad: C

blowthetoad: H

blowthetoad: I

blowthetoad: C

blowthetoad: K

blowthetoad: E

blowthetoad: N

KinkyKat: uR MaKiNg MeeH MaD!!

blowthetoad: L

blowthetoad: I

blowthetoad: T

blowthetoad: T

KinkyKat: BYe

blowthetoad: L

blowthetoad: E

blowthetoad: WAIT!!!!!!

KinkyKat: wHAT

blowthetoad: REMEMBER ME!????

KinkyKat: uH No

KinkyKat: ………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!

blowthetoad: yes…..

blowthetoad: im sorry u had to hear that

blowthetoad: my dog farted in your face….

KinkyKat: wHaT

KinkyKat: oK

KinkyKat: NewaYz

KinkyKat: Bye

blowthetoad: thtinky poo

blowthetoad: WAIT!!!!!!1

blowthetoad: my name is….

blowthetoad: ASHLEY

KinkyKat: Too BaDD iTz NawT HuH

KinkyKat: …….. braNdon??

blowthetoad: i know :-\

KinkyKat: watEVeR

KinkyKat: Go awaY

blowthetoad: huh?

blowthetoad: where did u get brandon from?

KinkyKat: suM1

blowthetoad: oh, that one person…..

KinkyKat: YaH

KinkyKat: DiS oNe PeRsoN

blowthetoad: No LiMiT KuTHi?

KinkyKat: YaH

blowthetoad: i see

KinkyKat: woW

blowthetoad: what

KinkyKat: Bye

blowthetoad: wait

KinkyKat: oK

blowthetoad: bye, i THOUGHT this was michael…..

KinkyKat: NewaYz

blowthetoad: guess not

KinkyKat: GoodbYe!!

blowthetoad: tu gordo pito……

KinkyKat: sure

blowthetoad: asta lasanga, poopé face!

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