EXTREME Kick The Can – Rules

Materials: 2 pairs of shoes, hands, feet, calculator, can

# of Players: 1 or more

What You Do:

1. Put your shoes on your hands and feet

2. Find a can and start kicking it around with your hands and ffet

3. Get it into a goal. A parking enterance kind of thingy is best

4. You get 1 point if you get it into a goal. 15 bonus points if you kick it into the parking enterance thingy and hit a car, and 30 if someone was in it.

5. If you break something with the can, you get 20 points. If you lose the can or break the can, you lose 500 points and have to find another one. If you don’t, you lose

6. You must always have shoes on your hands

Boundaries: None

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