Measuring Tape Fencing – Rules

Materials: Measuring tape, money, cauldron

# of Players: 2 for Duel Mode, 3 or more for Gang Bang Mode

What You Do:

1. Bet all your money into a cauldron

2. If you have a witch accessible, haver her stir the money around just to make noise, and have her ride her broom around too for a comical effect

3. Take your measuring tape (one per person) and extend it as far as you want, as long as everyone has the same length on theirs. 12 inch is the common extension of the tape

4. Start whacking each other, and if you hit them, it cuts off or cuts that part. If it is either your arm or leg, it cuts off, so you can’t use it. You instantly die if you head gets cut, and if you’re hit in a place that can’t not be used, take your free hand and hold it, like you’re in pain there

Boundaries: The room you’re in

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