UPDATE 4-22-03

Pick of April 22, 2003

davepoobond: wow…its the first time I didn’t update the dictionary for a longgg time….I don’t know if that’s a good thing…

stimpyismyname: re-re

stuff updated/put up:

Questionable Content / MoviesDancing blowthetoad 2, Dancing blowthetoad 3

The Screwed Up Games – Chao (PC) (Rating: 5/10), The Hobbit (PC) (Rating: 2/10)

The Screwed Up Worldproof all girls are evil (it’s mathmatical)

Stupid IMsscary fairy elf IM, Blind Bubba IM 11, Soup Nazi IM 4, allymd IM, SoccerGirl IM

Squackle! Advertisement GallerySquackle! Advertisement 5

JokesKnock Knock Jokes, Quicky Jokes, Blonde Jokes

PoemsHa ha

Serious Poemsbmx

SongsHorse Locker Junk Room, Popeye Songs, Jingle Bells Songs, Mary Had a Little Lamb Songs

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 91, Bad Submission 92, Bad Submission 93

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