UPDATE 1-24-03

davepoobond: Hey hey, come on in and chat in the Squackle! Chat Room WHILE you “surf” the site. yeah, i know its a gay term

Nose: I’ve been locked in a cruise ship brig and would like to be there but I have to finish my chores first

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 1560 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Button Man Games – lots of games to download

Stupid IMselmoisfurry IM 24, Blind Bubba IM 10, elmoisfurry IM 25, Soup Nazi IM 3, agentbond IM, Narcleptic fiend IM, fartsinajar IM

Squackle Broadcasting Company (SBC)The Barney Love Connection Episode 1, Commercial: Queer-ker Oatmeal

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 52, Bad Submission 53, Bad Submission 54

Other JunkFind Your Armenian Name, Find Your Retard Name, Find Your Star Wars Name, Find Your Porn-Star Name

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