Quote #22191

::davepoobond is sitting at a desk at work, using the computer::

::Armando picks up the phone::

Armando:  Dave, Megutron wants to talk to you.

davepoobond: To me?  About what?

Armando: I’ll transfer her to that phone.

::davepoobond picks up the phone::

::Megutron explains that the camera she is using is not recording audio.  davepoobond tells her he doesn’t know what it could be, since he never used the school’s cameras, and suggests it could be the heads not recording sound::

::Later… about 1.5 hours later::

::davepoobond goes out to where Megutron is filing and tells her to go to the menu settings and eventually he fixes the audio problem in like 2 minutes.  It wasn’t set to Audio In::

Megutron:  Agggh!  Fuck!  Oh my God!

– at davepoobond’s job, 6/26/07

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