Ridiculous Spam Mail #21035

Hello davepoobond

The “aol.com” part of your email address is owned by someone else and is known as a Domain name. You will have davepoobond@aol as long as you subscribe and pay each month. You never really own your email address, someone else does. You just rent it.

Now, you have the opportunity to OWN your email address and Domain name, keep it forever!

Examples of what you can be bob@Smith.com, john@JonesFamily.com, pres@SmithInc.com, or whatever you choose.

This means you can have as many email accounts as you like for yourself, friends, employees, and family. You can even have a web site! (but you don’t have to)

Create a domain for yourself, family, company, home business or give it as a gift.

Click here to see if your name is available with no obligation.

There are so many good names available, but they’re going fast.

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