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Kevin Smokin Cur 18/Oct/2001:23:22:54
why do i like to get high i dont know, the chicken bites the leg of the
crow, the crops come to life in the snow, why is that so i dont know i
dont know?? Why does the school keep you there, there a fraud, how do
they keep you there its the law, i could escape if i had a saw, oh it
is wrong so it is wrong! We cant be free if the n*ggers are here,
exploding black faces oh dear oh dear, blasting the faces in places so
cheer and sleep while your sleeping or you’ll fear the mirror. when you
look in it the death forms around you, spirits of guests form all
surround you, trapped in a room with no lights to turn on, if you do
then the spirits will burn and be gone. If they return you wont see
them for long, ill pack them up and smoke my bong. Now that you’ve read
another song iv’e lead you to beleive that i’m wrong, but only if you
think that you are and im the one that will run very far, eternal
detentions and bombs in your car, did i forget to mention that i am a
star, and my name is ke

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