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Kevin Pot Smokin Cur 18/Oct/2001:22:00:04
My phone is off the wall and the cats are on fire again. the trash
should be takin out or was it in? Either way it is, it is a strange
thing. When the phone is disconnected and the mother fucker rings. who
let the dogs out. The farmers on the hill. The black bandits commin,
and the nazi want to kill. The chinese cook burnt the fish, and randy
dropped the soap. And i found a genei with a wish, will i get it? I
hope? If the pepsi is getting warm get it cold before it does, cause
when its cold its the cure for cottonmouth and gets rid of all the
fuzz. If your not high get high, and if your high get hire, you of all
should no that to get high you need a lighter. To get high is to fly
into a wall and go through, and to die is to fly into a wall and go
boom. If you understand all this your fucked up, or your nutz, I am i
just smoked some good budz. If the light is underwater, and your
daughters in a thong, Keep your fuckin bags steady cause we’re ready
for this bong, if you like this son

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