Fifteen Things A Brother Or Sister Will Never Say To You

1. “Can I help you clean your room?”

2. “You decide what movie we go to.  You have much better taste!”

3. “I don’t like hanging around with your friends.  They’re much too sophisticated for me.”

4. “Can I finish your lima beans?”

5. “Here’s your sweater back.  I had it cleaned before I returned it.”

6. “You don’t have to entertain me while Mom and Dad are out.  I’ll go up to my room and read a book by myself.”

7. “You take the biggest piece of pie.  I’m too full!”

8. “I’ll be happy to lend you ten dollars.  Pay it back whenever you can.”

9. “Can I do your math homework for you tonight?  I don’t have much to do.”

10. “It wasn’t your fault.  It was all my fault.”

11. “I saw you were on the phone, so I decided to be silent.”

12. “Why don’t you wear my new Springsteen sweatshirt? It looks better on you!”

13. “Betcha I can wash and dry the supper dishes all by myself!”

14. “You sit in the front seat.”

15. “I started the fight.  You didn’t!”

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