#11024: Izumo Etsuko -> davepoobond

Izumo Etsuko: whats up?

davepoobond: not much. you

Izumo Etsuko: contemplating going to get my headphones cause these ones suck hairy monkey balls

Izumo Etsuko: …I think I will, o.o brb

davepoobond: ok

Izumo Etsuko: but mine are too short

Izumo Etsuko: -.-

Izumo Etsuko: …the world sucks

davepoobond: sorry about that

davepoobond: if you were writing an essay, in which you can get internet sources from, do you think it would be allowed if you wrote an article about the topic you were writing, with all the quotes you wanted to use, and you just use certain quotes from that article which you published on a web site?

Izumo Etsuko: ………x.x

Izumo Etsuko: let me read that over a few times to understand it right

davepoobond: meaning, can i use myself as a source?

Izumo Etsuko: I don’t see why not

davepoobond: if i wrote an article

davepoobond: but i’d just say it was someone else

Izumo Etsuko: no, say it was you

Izumo Etsuko: e.e

davepoobond: just in case or whatever

Izumo Etsuko: cause I don’t see anything wrong with it

Izumo Etsuko: I know a guy who dad that

davepoobond: i’ll just say that it was davepoobond that wrote it…

Izumo Etsuko: the most that’ll happen is the teacher will get mad at you

davepoobond: but in my essay it’ll have my real name

davepoobond: she won’t even know

davepoobond: that its me

Izumo Etsuko: x.x

Izumo Etsuko: then it’s no fun

Izumo Etsuko: 🙁

davepoobond: this essay is my freaking english grade

davepoobond: i don’t want to mess it up

Izumo Etsuko: ……

Izumo Etsuko: okay

Izumo Etsuko: good reason

Izumo Etsuko: e.e

Izumo Etsuko: English is like…the only class I’m passing

Izumo Etsuko: o.o

Izumo Etsuko: and that’s cause I’m scared if I do bad the teacher will pick me up and throw me out the window

Izumo Etsuko: some kid wasn’t paying attention to what we were reading in class during the first week…

Izumo Etsuko: so he threw the kid’s book out the window and sent him to the Dean’s Office

Izumo Etsuko: o.o

Izumo Etsuko: it was scary

davepoobond: interesting

davepoobond: “i’ll make you pay more attention by throwing your book out the window”

Izumo Etsuko: well…it worked on everyone else

Izumo Etsuko: o.o

Izumo Etsuko: no one’s drifted off since

davepoobond: what happened to the guy

Izumo Etsuko: he got a detention

Izumo Etsuko: o.o

davepoobond: how do you get detention for not paying attention?

davepoobond: its not rowdy behavior

Izumo Etsuko: because the Lit. is one of those guys who cares about the students, and does anything(including becoming an ass) to get to pass

Izumo Etsuko: o.o

davepoobond: he’s not bothering anyone except the teacher

Izumo Etsuko: Lit. teacher*

Izumo Etsuko: get them to*

Izumo Etsuko: x.x

Izumo Etsuko: I’m full of typos today…

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