#10991: davepoobond -> manceman

davepoobond: faaaackk

manceman: what?

davepoobond: tim probably won’t be at school tomorrow

davepoobond: and we have next wednesday off

davepoobond: teacher sell back day

davepoobond: last time they had a buy back day

davepoobond: next wednesday its sell back day

davepoobond: har har har

manceman: haha

manceman: so whats the problem?

davepoobond: aahhh

davepoobond: did i tell you tim’s not gonna be at school tomorrow probably

manceman: so?

davepoobond: aaahhhhhhhh

manceman: i dont get it?

davepoobond: you’re damn right

davepoobond: you dont get a lotta things

davepoobond: like ass, is probably the #1 thing

manceman: ya from guys fag

davepoobond: =-O

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