#10992: davepoobond -> Soup Nazi

This was in the year 2003.

davepoobond: oh man, next year’s SATs are gonna SUCK

Soup Nazi: eh?

davepoobond: there’s gonna be 3 sections

davepoobond: and an essay

davepoobond: and the score is gonna be 2400

davepoobond: no more analogies either

Soup Nazi: wowie zowie

Soup Nazi: but it don’t matter for us

davepoobond: yeah i know

davepoobond: we can’t compare with the scores then

davepoobond: with our scores

Soup Nazi: so?

davepoobond: cause its pretty much a different test

Soup Nazi: who…cares?

davepoobond: i can’t rub my score in my sister’s face

Soup Nazi: soo..?

davepoobond: and i can’t say what my score is to my children ::sob::

Soup Nazi: just figure out a mathmatic formula to convert it

davepoobond: i didn’t write an essay though

Soup Nazi: Yeah well

davepoobond: you can’t really convert it

Soup Nazi: take it again if you want then

davepoobond: hell no

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