#10563: davepoobond -> MuRdaBaBy / LiLAngiiL -> davepoobond

davepoobond: ….murrrrdeerrrr……….

MuRdaBaBy: who dis?

davepoobond: i’m a pre-caug

davepoobond: haven’t you seen Minority Report

MuRdaBaBy: say what?

MuRdaBaBy: yea n so0 …

MuRdaBaBy: yo0 provin wut?

davepoobond: i can see the FUUUUtuuRREE

MuRdaBaBy: suUre ya can

davepoobond: i can i’ll prove it

MuRdaBaBy: i think mayb yo0 freaked …

MuRdaBaBy: go c a psychoatrist … Lo0sa

davepoobond: who? your mom?

davepoobond: ahaha

MuRdaBaBy: nyce … leave meh alone … freak ass NiGGa

She warns me to 30%.

MuRdaBaBy: >:ogo talk pyscho 2 sumwun else …

davepoobond: who? your mom?

Previous message was not received by MuRdaBaBy because of error: User MuRdaBaBy is not available.

I warn her to 30%.  Afterwards, I get an IM from LilAngiiL.  I’m guessing it is MuRdaBaBy’s boyfriend.

LiLAngiiL: hey freak … will yah leave mah gurl ALONE … pyscho ass HOLE

davepoobond: who’s your girl

Previous message was not received by LiLAngiiL because of error: User LiLAngiiL is not available.

I warn him to 20%.

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