#10564: davepoobond -> Puppydoggg5 / LilAngiiL -> davepoobond

davepoobond: ……..felonnnyyyy……..

Puppydoggg5: huh

davepoobond: i’m a pre-caug

davepoobond: i can see the FUUUtuurREEE

Puppydoggg5: ooooooooookkkkk bye wacko

davepoobond: haven’t you seen Minority Report?

I warn him/her to 5%.

2 thoughts on “#10564: davepoobond -> Puppydoggg5 / LilAngiiL -> davepoobond

  1. O.O holy shit I think I remember this, if this is from aim or yahoo I was puppydoggg5, so you know I dont know lilangiil person. Lol I wish I saw this earlyer XD

    • This was AIM. Kinda funny that you’re not lilangiil or knew them, coulda sworn they were connected to you, but I guess there’s no reason to think you’re lying years after the fact.

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