#10513: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad was on a screen name he wasn’t usually on.

blowthetoad: i want to be a poop troop

davepoobond: who says there’s spaces open

blowthetoad: =-O

blowthetoad: kick out an un-active member

davepoobond: but your moms doing just fine

blowthetoad: exactly

blowthetoad: thats why i want your dad

blowthetoad: wait… no

davepoobond: good comeback, not

blowthetoad: dammit

blowthetoad: i would like to join the poop troops

blowthetoad: as “The Great Panda”

davepoobond: who says there’s spaces open

davepoobond: you really think that’s funny

blowthetoad: tell me funny

davepoobond: oh look at me i’m a great panda

blowthetoad: you have six seconds

blowthetoad: i never said i was a great panda

davepoobond: until what

davepoobond: you blow your load

blowthetoad: yes

blowthetoad: how is davepoobond funny?

davepoobond: cause your mom is

blowthetoad: or stimpy or elmo

blowthetoad: that makes me want to rip the eyes out of a baby seal with a rusty mellon scooper

davepoobond: har har

blowthetoad: you dumb canadian

davepoobond: the only way i’ll let you in is if you die and don’t IM me ever again

blowthetoad: ya!

davepoobond: sorry you IMd me again

davepoobond: you’ll never be a poop troop

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: you blew it

blowthetoad: damn

blowthetoad: bye

davepoobond: get a new sn and try again

blowthetoad: lol

blowthetoad: bye

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