#10376: fartsinajar -> davepoobond

fartsinajar: guess what

fartsinajar: im leaving

davepoobond: for?

fartsinajar: to go to the pub for a hamburger

davepoobond: oh

fartsinajar: should be tasty

davepoobond: thats great

fartsinajar: bye

davepoobond: yeah ok bye

davepoobond: get drunk

davepoobond: and think of me :-*


fartsinajar: hey i didnt get drunk

davepoobond: ya sure whatever

fartsinajar: look im back now and im not drunk

davepoobond: ok

fartsinajar: good im glad were clear

davepoobond: i’m supposed to believe you went to a pub and didnt touch a lick of liquor (haha that rhymed)

fartsinajar: haha

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