#10375: davepoobond -> TBomb

davepoobond: ray

davepoobond: or should i say Raymo Washington


davepoobond: wut’d u do for halloweenery

TBomb: stay home and study for tests

TBomb: u?

TBomb: hehe

davepoobond: trick or treated

TBomb: luky

davepoobond: i dressed up as a box, and i put a paper bag on my head

TBomb: omg..

TBomb: are you serious/

davepoobond: yep

TBomb: dats the coolest costume ever!

davepoobond: it was like a mattress type of box

davepoobond: like what a mattress would be if it were a box

davepoobond: and there were arm holes in it for my arms

davepoobond: and a hole for my head


davepoobond: my bag had eyeholes in it, and it had a unibrow


TBomb: its the cardboard monster!

davepoobond: everyone else wasn’t really dressed up as anything

davepoobond: there’s like 3 guys not really dressed up as anything and then a box


davepoobond: everyone started calling me sponge bob square pants

davepoobond: that was dumb

TBomb: oh! you shouldve painted urself yellow

davepoobond: the bag was crying blood

davepoobond: nooooooooo

TBomb: dat wouldve been cool

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: it woulda been gay


davepoobond: but it was pretty funny

davepoobond: some stupid assholes started punching me and shit too


davepoobond: and then they ran away

TBomb: little kids?

davepoobond: no, sophomores


davepoobond: people take advantage of the box

TBomb: poor box

davepoobond: they ran away, so i couldnt really see who it was that actually hit me

davepoobond: i woulda chased after them if i knew

davepoobond: and then beat them on their head

davepoobond: with my 5 pound bag of candy

TBomb: i was a house


davepoobond: everyone said “oh that’s creative”

davepoobond: to my costume

TBomb: brb

davepoobond: and some old drunk people laughed at my costume too

davepoobond: one of my friends had a fart machine and made farting noises with it, and they started calling him “fart man”

davepoobond: i’m gonna go actually. go play my gta vice city

davepoobond: oh yeah

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