#10377: davepoobond -> Holmes

davepoobond: If you wrote 1 million and 1 billion on a piece of paper, how many kidney beans are in a can of tuna?

A. I like to play with hot dogs

B. 15

C. ha

D. toss it higher, we’re down to 12 seconds!

Holmes: D

Holmes: definetly

davepoobond: thats actually a pretty funny question huh

Holmes: yes

Holmes: i made a loud laugh and my brother told me to shut up

davepoobond: ask him the question

Holmes: he said: “WHAT THE FUCK?”

davepoobond: lol

Holmes: heh

Holmes: he read the question

Holmes: and said “thats the stupidest question ever…your friend is retarded”

davepoobond: ask him this then

davepoobond: 46. How do you pee?

A. Standing up

B. Sitting down

C. Squatting next to a bush

D. Laying down, so you can make a “pee pee fountain”
Holmes: he said option d was gay

davepoobond: cuz he’s not a real man, thats why

davepoobond: all REAL men do D

Holmes: lol

Holmes: he said “he must be doin C…what a fuckin crackhead”

davepoobond: 59. Which actress do you like best?

A. Nicole Kidman

B. Penelope Cruz

C. Tom Cruise

D. Rosie O’Donnel

Holmes: he said B./…she’s fuckin hot

Holmes: and laughed at tom cruise

davepoobond: An oak tree’s fruit is known as…

A. acorn

B. rose

C. needle

D. calculator

Holmes: he said your fruity

davepoobond: Men that most use power saws are called…

A. loggers

B. foremen

C. farmers

D. politicians

Holmes: d

davepoobond: get any lately?

A. yes

B. no

C. Get what?

D. I’m a retard

Holmes: he said A and i called him a liar and he punched me

Holmes: lol

davepoobond: ahaha

davepoobond: What would you most likely say when confronted by a man-eating bunny?

A. Its on a bridge

B. I’m going to star in a movie with the women from Murder She Wrote

C. I am Iron Man

D. Hi

Holmes: he told me stop asking him retarded q1uestions then said C lol

davepoobond: What do you think Michael Jackson would do if his house burned down or it was blown up?

A. Do a Moonwalk

B. clap his hands to make it all go away

C. Ask for the help of children

D. die

Holmes: lol

Holmes: he laughed a little bit and said C then said “then rape them all”

davepoobond: haha

davepoobond: What hardship did the Pilgrims endure during their trip across the Atlantic?

A. No plumbing

B. secrets about gold coins in every box of Cocoa Puffs

C. Corn flakes

D. Winnie the Pooh was the only book to read

Holmes: lol

Holmes: B

davepoobond: What would you do if you had 90,000 donuts?

A. sell them for 30 cents each

B. jump into them

C. eat them

D. drive a semi truck through them

Holmes: definetly D

davepoobond: True or False: Watermelon

A = True

B = False

C = Go to Hell

davepoobond: thats all i got right now

Holmes: he said D: go to hell and fuck yourself

davepoobond: ask him “wanna help me do the second part?”

Holmes: he said: No

Holmes: he’s playin wrestlemania

davepoobond: heh

Holmes: like the homosexual he is

Holmes: and i’m saying this outloud while i’m typing it

Holmes: so he canjk;fds;dds;’sdd i’;’mmmmmmm gaydooosuj

davepoobond: haha

Holmes: asshole

Holmes: yeah anyways

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: remember GUTS?

Holmes: oh yeah

Holmes: lol

Holmes: old school nickelodeon

Holmes: my brother farted that retard

davepoobond: lol

Holmes: jeeze man your lucky you don’t have retarded older brothers

davepoobond: worse, i have a bitchy younger sister

Holmes: yeah but you can over power her easily

Holmes: duct tape always works

davepoobond: right

Holmes: and belts

davepoobond: meteors don’t make good fertilizer

Holmes: …..

Holmes: uh ok

davepoobond: bouncing barracuda! I’ve been hooked!

Holmes: heh

Holmes: is that from sponge bob square pants?

davepoobond: i dont know

davepoobond: probably

Holmes: have yu ever watched the show?

davepoobond: yeah, hate it

Holmes: !!!!!!

Holmes: what!

Holmes: how can you hate it?

davepoobond: its not funny

Holmes: eh i guess everyone has there opinion

davepoobond: it has SOME funny parts in it, but as a whole i wouldnt watch it for anything

Holmes: i mean i can understand just not likin it but hating it……

davepoobond: i dont really hate it

davepoobond: but if i had a choice between sponge bob and land before time VII, i’d watch land before time VII

davepoobond: it seems like a copout from all their other shows

Holmes: some episodes are ALRIGHT

Holmes: but you have to see the one where they remake a store orientation video for the krusty krab for newly hired employees

Holmes: it’s hilarious to me because i;’ve seen one of those crappy ones at my work and i thought how crappy it was

Holmes: but anyways

Holmes: whatever

Holmes: enough said

davepoobond: i dont like any of the new nick toons

davepoobond: i guess thats why i really dont like sponge bob, cuz its a new nick toon

Holmes: yeah most of them are dumb

davepoobond: its just got something about it, more politically correct kind of cartoon kind of thing

Holmes: i just lik spongebob

davepoobond: more retarded

Holmes: not really

Holmes: you have to see some of the stuff they do…

davepoobond: before, it was like intellectual kind of things, like ren and stimpy, ahh real monsters

davepoobond: and rugbrats

Holmes: sponge bob is actually more intellectual then you think…you just have to look below the surface…the surface is for the kids who don’t get it

Holmes: and laugh because a stupid sponge and a starfish sound retarded

davepoobond: of course, thats what they do for all cartoons, even sesame street

davepoobond: all kid tv shows

Holmes: not really

Holmes: rockos modern life was basically for adults

davepoobond: and thats what makes the children introduced to adult themes earlier in life

Holmes: simpsons same thing

Holmes: ren and stimpy

Holmes: king of the hill

davepoobond: but simpsosn and king of the hill are on network stations

Holmes: true

davepoobond: ren and stimpy and rocko were on nickelodean

Holmes: rugrats are for everyone

davepoobond: what adult watched nickelodean? almost none

davepoobond: only when their kid was did they

davepoobond: its all a conspiracy

Holmes: heh

davepoobond: the dumbing down of america

davepoobond: grab the kids, then pull the parents in

Holmes: they did a recent poll

Holmes: college kids watch more nicktoons then adults

davepoobond: because they grew up with it

Holmes: especially spongebob

Holmes: for some odd reason

Holmes: i dunno

Holmes: anyways

Holmes: forget this

davepoobond: conspiracy conspiracy

Holmes: ren and stimpy are classics


Holmes: *slap*

davepoobond: yeah that was great

Holmes: even though that was the reason why my brother mike kept hitting me :-\

Holmes: he always use to say that after we watched the show

Holmes: and then slap me

Holmes: and we get into a fight

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: i gtg later

Holmes: later

End of IMs3

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