#10290: davepoobond -> GilbertsGurl

davepoobond: hi

GilbertsGurl: asl

GilbertsGurl: hi

davepoobond: 16/m

davepoobond: how about you/

GilbertsGurl: from where

davepoobond: i dont feel comfterble revealing that information. sorry

GilbertsGurl: give me a clue

GilbertsGurl: ok

davepoobond: ok

GilbertsGurl: ok

GilbertsGurl: give me a clue

davepoobond: uhhhhh

davepoobond: no?

GilbertsGurl: pic

davepoobond: why dont you tell me something about yourself first

GilbertsGurl: like what

davepoobond: asl

GilbertsGurl: 13/f/wi

davepoobond: mmmkay

GilbertsGurl: any questions

davepoobond: hows wiyoming/

davepoobond: wyoming

GilbertsGurl: i am live in wisconsin

davepoobond: oooooh

davepoobond: sorry

GilbertsGurl: ok

davepoobond: tom johnson doesnt live in usa

GilbertsGurl: who is that

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: thats me

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: i live in mexico

GilbertsGurl: ok

GilbertsGurl: kool

GilbertsGurl: any more questions

davepoobond: u ever been to mexico?

GilbertsGurl: no

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: you should go sometime

davepoobond: if you go to a resort, ask for tom johnson

davepoobond: i’ll get you a good deal

davepoobond: a punta pescadero resort that is

davepoobond: not just any reort

davepoobond: hah

GilbertsGurl: iwho is that person

davepoobond: …erm…. who?

GilbertsGurl: who is tom johnson

davepoobond: me

GilbertsGurl: ok

GilbertsGurl: sorry

davepoobond: youre forgiven

GilbertsGurl: hi

davepoobond: …hi

GilbertsGurl: sorry me bad:-(

davepoobond: mmkay

GilbertsGurl: have a girl friend

davepoobond: nope

davepoobond: will you be my girl froiend

GilbertsGurl: ok

GilbertsGurl: want my name

davepoobond: sure

GilbertsGurl: Amy

davepoobond: wow

davepoobond: that got me wet

GilbertsGurl: hy

GilbertsGurl: why

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: no reason

GilbertsGurl: sorry me bad

davepoobond: i was messin

GilbertsGurl: ok

GilbertsGurl: have a bro

davepoobond: …..?

GilbertsGurl: have a brother yes

davepoobond: do i have one?

davepoobond: yes

GilbertsGurl: ok

GilbertsGurl: age

davepoobond: i already told you

davepoobond: oooooh

davepoobond: my brother

davepoobond: 15

GilbertsGurl: name plz

davepoobond: david johnson

GilbertsGurl: hair

GilbertsGurl: is he in the room

davepoobond: yep

GilbertsGurl: does he have any questions

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: he hates girls

davepoobond: hes gay

davepoobond: here he is

GilbertsGurl: so hat

GilbertsGurl: sorry me bad 🙁

GilbertsGurl: so what

davepoobond: hey u stupid girl

davepoobond: this david johnson

GilbertsGurl: i am not stupid boy

davepoobond: ya ur a stupid girl

GilbertsGurl: no boys are stupid

davepoobond: i dont care about that. all i know is that girls are dumb and stupid and i hate them

GilbertsGurl: so i like boys have a boy friend

davepoobond: really.

davepoobond: what’s your boyfriend like

GilbertsGurl: he is not my boyfriend yet

davepoobond: really. interesting.

davepoobond: then what is he

GilbertsGurl: do u have a boyfriend

davepoobond: no, i’m not gay

GilbertsGurl: you are you then

davepoobond: wut are you talking about

GilbertsGurl: who am i talking to

davepoobond: david johnson

GilbertsGurl: your brother said u are

davepoobond: said i was

davepoobond: what

GilbertsGurl: gay

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: i’m not

davepoobond: he is

GilbertsGurl: ok

GilbertsGurl: sorry

GilbertsGurl: pic

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: i have one of your mom though

davepoobond: <^>

GilbertsGurl: no way

davepoobond: yes way

davepoobond: that was it

davepoobond: <^>

GilbertsGurl: wired

davepoobond: yes i am wired

GilbertsGurl: ok

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: i think its time that you go

davepoobond: like sign off

davepoobond: so…….do so

GilbertsGurl: no way david what color is your hair and eyes

davepoobond: blue, and white

GilbertsGurl: hair color

davepoobond: blue

davepoobond: eye color = white

GilbertsGurl: nice kool

GilbertsGurl: in school

davepoobond: no. i dropped out in the 4th grade

davepoobond: i taught myself, while doing drugs, by watching barney

davepoobond: and PBS television

davepoobond: then came BBC

davepoobond: because i moved to Britain

davepoobond: and then BBC France

davepoobond: BBC Malaysia

davepoobond: BBC America

davepoobond: BBC Canada

davepoobond: that damn BBC is all over the place aint it

GilbertsGurl: ok

GilbertsGurl: no

davepoobond: ok yes

GilbertsGurl: nice life

GilbertsGurl: have a girlfriend david

davepoobond: of course

davepoobond: her name is Ashley and she has huge tits

davepoobond: bigger than my head

davepoobond: but of course i’ve got a massive dong to keep her happy

GilbertsGurl: ok

davepoobond: its like 8===========================================================> this big

GilbertsGurl: put tom on plz

davepoobond: ok. NO

davepoobond: tom is humping the mattress

GilbertsGurl: lol

GilbertsGurl: i g2g ok tom and david

davepoobond: tom aint here

davepoobond: i told u he’s in bed

davepoobond: humping the living crap outta it

GilbertsGurl: ok

GilbertsGurl: i g2g

davepoobond: k bye

davepoobond: leave already

GilbertsGurl: talk later

davepoobond: ooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkk

GilbertsGurl: ok bye bye

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