#10289: davepoobond -> FigNewtonCK

davepoobond: hey

FigNewtonCK: hey

FigNewtonCK: who are you?

davepoobond: a whore

davepoobond: who are you

FigNewtonCK: same

davepoobond: ohh so you’re a whore too

FigNewtonCK: where you from “whore”

davepoobond: i dont understand the question

FigNewtonCK: where do you live

davepoobond: uhh what?

davepoobond: hold on, lemme stop snorting crack

davepoobond: ok, what was the question again

FigNewtonCK: pull that dick out of your ass while your at it

FigNewtonCK: where you from

davepoobond: uhh…………i still can’t register it

davepoobond: let me take the needle out of my arm

davepoobond: ok now i know what you’re saying

davepoobond: yes, i do like to swim

FigNewtonCK: wow thats nice

davepoobond: i like to fart

davepoobond: cuz i get anal a lot

FigNewtonCK: hey are you a guy or girl

davepoobond: guy

FigNewtonCK: cuz i’m really fuckin horny right now and if your a guy i’m really in the mood so stop your fucking crack shit

davepoobond: right ok bye

FigNewtonCK: bye baby

FigNewtonCK: cant handle me bitch

FigNewtonCK: haha

davepoobond: sure i can

davepoobond: wanna screw me

FigNewtonCK: i have high standards

davepoobond: what, 2 dollar whores?

FigNewtonCK: how old are you

davepoobond: 24

FigNewtonCK: 87… right i’m blonde

davepoobond: left i am too

FigNewtonCK: well i gotta better people to talk to

FigNewtonCK: later

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