#22504: davepoobond -> Para

davepoobond: heh i just thought of something

davepoobond: i should make a porno where all the hot chicks aren’t the ones getting the action

davepoobond: but all these ugly chicks are

davepoobond: it’ll mess with their minds

Para: Yeah!

Para: Women would buy that.

Para: Normal women with no makeup and stuff getting all the hunks.

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: “if only”

davepoobond: or “i want to be her”

Para: Yeah.

davepoobond: then there’s a sudden surge in ugly women becoming porn actresses

Para: And give it an actual plot.

Para: Heh.

davepoobond: have an actual plot and then no one would buy it

davepoobond: cause it has too many things that aren’t appealing

Para: Actually no. Women like plots.

davepoobond: heh

Para: Women don’t like hardcore.

Para: We like softcore.

Para: That’s why romance novels sell.

Para: They are smut just like the movies.

Para: They just have a plot.

davepoobond: interesting

davepoobond: an untapped market

Para: Pretty much.


Bad Submission #18974

This form was submitted:  Apr 20 2005 / 19:52:45

name = Mysterious G
type = Yuck
title = Her
submission = Theres this really ugly girl and shes so fat that her vagina is the size of 3 tennis balls put togther and her boobs sag down to her chest and her ass leaks anal juice


Quote #17102

“the reason why Arab women are in veils, is because most of them are horrid to look at, and it makes the Arabs feel sad to see them because they’re so ugly and hairy, and only gives them a reminder every time they see one of them that all of them will be ugly forever”

– davepoobond