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“I have deep hazel eyes, SMALL SOFT BREAST , a dazzling smile that could light up any room, a vivacious and welcoming personality that can spice you up in a millisecond, and a sensual feminine voice that will excite you for days. Unlike some of the actual “girls” on here, I am completely 100% femenine. and if u havent figured it out yes im transsexual meaning i once was a man, i still have the part…”

– from a (transsexual) girl’s dating profile


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(This girl’s profile picture is literally just her huge cleavage)

“Sex sex sex what else would i want out of this site? People who say want a relationship are fakes and flakes on here. All they want is ****. If you can prove me wrong on what i just said then cool. So with that said… Dont waste my time and be straight forward on what you want. Im done being the nice girl… Im ready to be kinky and naughty!!!!!

white boy is a must! No Hispanics specially no black guys.. Sorry just not my type. And no Asians!!! 1000% White caucasians and disease free!!!!”

– from a girl’s dating profile


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“Just an FYI: I do have a boyfriend right now, but things are going downhill from my eyes. There’s this girl that likes him, and seems like she never dated a nice guy before so I made my boyfriend go on a date with her. (See? I’m a totally nice, understanding girl!) But lately he’s been pretty…I don’t know. I’m just not really happy with him anymore. And now I’m too lazy to type so I’ll just end it here…

Ok I’m back again cuz i feel like talking!! 🙂

Updates: My boyfriend and I are back together…haha sorry! He knows that I’m on this site, and he’s ok with me meeting a guy that’s safe and worth my time. (Anyway, he owes me! I let him date another girl!)”

– from a girl’s dating profile