The Future of Napster

this is a bit dated, and it was made before Napster’s switch, so…pretend that Napster is still free, like it used to be…but is going to become a pay-service


ha they want me to upgrade napster. I laugh at that…$1.00 a song and it tacks onto your phone bill then aliens take the bills, eat them and poop them out. The aliens’ body scans the phone bill for mistakes. Then they send them in easter egg capsules to earth where they put the phone bills into thos machines that to get a prize you have to grab it with the claw. Then phone companies try and win the game and get your phone bill and send them to you.


The Free DSL Thingy

OK, if you’ve heard about this “free” dsl thing, don’t do it. it sucks. first, you have to get ten other people to sign up to get a free DSL modem, then you have to have this big ad at the top of your computer screen ALL THE TIME. yes, that’s right, ALL THE TIME, which you can do the same exact things with like All Advantage and get payed for it. and that’s not fun. i know that, you know that. some people say you can just ignore it, but um… i don’t like to do that… cause it’s not fun! so, don’t do it. yeah, buddy!


The Grasshopper and the Ant

As told by Ms. Signs.


Once upon a time, in the land of fairy tales, there lived an ant and a grasshopper. The ant knew how to separate work time from free time. At the beginning of each day, this ant would get up early and collect food to store for the winter. He had a lot of food saved up by the end of the summer. The grasshopper was a different story, he was very lazy. He kept saying he would do the work tomorrow. The ant warned the grasshopper that unless he sacrificed some free time to work, he might find himself dying of starvation when winter came. The grasshopper didn’t pay attention. He kept sleeping late, playing Nintendo games, and not working at all. Suddenly, winter came. The ant was successful in storing his food he went into his ant pile to rest, the grasshopper was cold and hungry. He hadn’t built a house, or stored any food. If this story were a true fairy tale, the grasshopper would have died, because he was unprepared. However, this ending reflects the true nature of ants and grasshoppers. In this story, the grasshopper decides to eat the ant, and take all his food.