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About Me:

“this is whack.com. LOL. i dont know why i sighed up for this. Maybe cause imma wakko. but hai. i like tattoos 3 and i love food. I love tegan and sara. I love taking back sunday. my hobbies are tv and eating. BLAH this is lame. why do all the hot guys smoke weed UGH”


“food dood. 3 key to mah heart. DUH. i like cookie dough icecream and chipotle. LOL.”

– from a dating profile


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::insert picture of a more-or-less hot chick::

“I am unique. You love me.
My favorite thing to do is eat. I enjoy books, they are more entertaining than most people.
I am not sarcastic and hate humor.
Music is for the weak.
Lets get tacos sometime.
I always wear a pleather jumpsuit underneath my clothes.”

– from a girl’s dating profile.