Cashier Lesson – Counterfeit Bills

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This is written as a satirical instructional article.  I wrote this a long time ago, don't know exactly when. - When checking if a bill is counterfeit, please do the following: 1. Lick ... Read more..

Cashier Lesson – Being a Receptionist Without a Chair

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Everyone knows that when you're a receptionist or manning a desk you either are standing up, sitting down, or leaning against whatever can hold you weight.  But what people don't ... Read more..

Cashier Lesson – Ways to Torture Cashiers

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Let's say you are in a supervisory position over cashiers.  Typically supervising is a boring and monotonous exploit.  Babysitting other people to make sure they're doing their job correctly can ... Read more..

Cashier Lesson – Using the Computer

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The computer is a resource that is used in everyday operation as a customer service representative.  We say it is to help customers and to manage day-to-day operations of the ... Read more..

The Cashier Quiz

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The Cashier Quiz is the quiz that contains all the Cashiering questions created.  Test your know-how of how to be a cashier by answering these questions.  Any new questions created ... Read more..