Download: KKND2 (English) Patch

  KKND2 (English) Patch (417.2 KiB, 2,852 hits)

this is the one and only patch made for the game KKND2. It was EXTREMELY hard to find it, but I did. So, I hope this will come of use to you if you have KKND2: Krossfire. The way you "install" it, is that you go into the main folder of KKND2, and move the 2 files in this zip file into it, and say yes to anything that comes up. The patch includes a rudimentary online mode.


Download: Shit Talker v1.2

If the first file doesn’t work, use the 2nd download.  Windows XP looks to be required, since the program is so old and has not been updated.  If you have Windows 7,  YOU SHOULD RUN IN WINDOWS XP COMPATIBILITY MODE IF YOU HAVE ANY HOPE OF IT WORKING.

It definitely doesn’t work in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 even with compatibility mode.  If you have any info on how to get it working on modern machines, please let us know in the comments.

This program was initially made by a guy named “Jaundice.”

  Shit Talker v1.2 (No Install, ZIP) (483.6 KiB, 11,156 hits)

A funny ass thing that you can make talk and make prank phone calls with. you type in stuff and it'll say it. it has an assortment of voices already made, and you can make custom voices.

  Shit Talker v1.2 (Install, EXE) (536.2 KiB, 11,061 hits)

Download this if the file above does not work on your computer. It will do an actual install of the program, and will most likely work.

Over 30,000 downloads of Shit Talker v1.2 have been serviced by


Point At the Dot – Rules

Materials: pencil

Players: 1

What you do:

1. Take the pencil, and find a point you want to use.  You don’t actually put the pencil on the dot, you put it near your face, and sit/stand far away from the place you’re looking at.
2. Try to keep the tip of the pencil on the dot while “shifting” your eyes, by closing one eye, then opening that and closing the other eye
3. Once you get it, then find another place and do it on that.

Boundaries: none


Bottle Floor – Rules

Materials: bottle, somewhere to sit

# of players: 2 or more

What you do:

1. Everybody sits down
2. Get an empty bottle and throw it at someone, slamming it on the floor before hitting on them
3. If you want, fill the bottle with powdered sugar, so if it explodes, it makes a big “explosion” and get all over everything

Boundaries: the area in which you are sitting, no farther than either player’s arm spans.