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  SNEStool (13.4 KiB, 3,503 hits)

A program that combines a patch for a ROM and a ROM. Usually for translations from one language to another. It can make patches and other stuff too. Its probably only for SNES ROMs though...DOS support, don't know if Mac can use it

3 thoughts on “Download: SNEStool

  1. Nice little program. Has a super-simple interactive ASCII UI and doesn’t require an install (no dependencies outside the main folder). Can be used to apply IPS patches.

  2. Well, I read the file that came with the SNEStool and I’m trying to put the English translation into a ROM… How would I do that??

  3. You’re supposed to point to the English translation file and then, i believe, have it in the same directory as the ROM file you need to apply the translation to. You have to make sure it is an SNES rom — it cant be any other type of rom

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