Quote #21046

“My newly born baby, now one month old, had chronic diaper rash. Several doctors had tried to get it to go away…nothing seemed to work, she continued to be raw and sore. She cried all the time. I tried your Chickweed Healing Salve, putting it on that night. By the next morning she was much better. After using it for 2 days, she was completely cured. She is now a beautiful baby. She doesn’t cry anymore.”

– from a spam e-mail


Quote #21037

“YOU WILL RECEIVE A FULL $1.00 FOR EACH AND EVERY PAMPHLET THAT YOU PROCESS! What do we mean by process? It’s simple…

FIRST: You will neatly fold the provided pre-printed single-sided (8 1/2 by 11 inch) pamphlets into thirds [The pamphlet that you will be processing will be provided to you and will be printed on regular 20 lb. (8-1/2 by 11) inch paper].

SECOND: You will neatly insert the folded pamphlets into the provided pre-addressed, postage paid envelopes [These envelopes will be mailed directly to your home or apartment with customers’ names & addresses already printed on the envelopes along with postage already affixed to the envelopes].

THIRD: Lick and seal these envelopes and then drop them back into the regular US Mail, directly out to the customers.

It’s that simple!”

– from a spam e-mail


Quote #21034

“6 Dessert Flavored Lip Shades, a $42 value, yours for just $8.95.”

“Every sensational lip color is a calorie-free explosion of taste.”

“Aloe Vera and Vitamin E keep lips moisturized and conditioned, while tasting incredibly delicious.”

“Flavors include: Black Forest Cake, Vanilla Icing, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cherry Tart, Berries & Cream and Plum Pudding”

– from a spam e-mail


Quote #21026

“When I was young, I remember how much better things were made. Things were not made of cheap plastic but of metal. You got a feeling you had something solid, rather than something that would last only a few months. I remember when Uncle Harry banged his car into a wall, it hardly had a dent. But now you can just barely hit a car and you see some very visible damage. The trouble is that nobody complains. People are satisfied with poorer materials even though they might even be more expensive than the previous cheaper ones. Or maybe people fool themselves into thinking that the newer items are better. After all, metal rusts, plastic is lighter to carry, and most people have good car insurance.”

– from a book