Poop on My Finger

I got pooop on my finger

I got poop poop on my finger

I got poop poop poop on my finger

I got poop poop poop poop on my finger

I got poop poop poop poop poop on my finger


I got pooop on my finger

I got poop poop on my finger

I got poop poop poop on my finger

I got poop poop poop poop on my finger

I got poop poop poop poop poop on my finger


What the hell! I got poop on my finger!


Doggie Wonderland: Marking Up My Winter Wonder Land

Parody of “Winter Wonderland”


Dog tags ring, are you listening?

In the lane, snow is glistening.

It’s yellow, not white, I’ve been there tonight,

marking up my winter wonder land.

Smell that tree? That’s my fragrance.

It’s a sign for wondering vagrants.

Aviod where I pee, it’s my prop-er-ty!

Marking up my winter wonderland.

In the meadow Mom will build a snowman,

following the classical design.

Then I’ll left my leg and let it go, man,

so all the world will know that it’s mine-mine-mine!

Straight from me to the fence post,

flows my natural incense boast,

stay off my turf, this small piece of earth,

I marked it as my winter wonderland!


Laughing Out Loud

Laughing Out Loud!!!



I’ll ‘Be Right Back’

Pooping out Brownies

They taste like Chicken

Oh My GOD!

beckylook at-her butt (try to make it sound 3 sylibal)

It is so big!

looks like a circle

Blow The Toad!

Dacky Does this

Love the Duck!

Blow does this!!!



Lyrics for a Beautiful Song (make up your own tune)

I think I shall never see, a poem lovely as a shit.

A tree whose hungry tit is pressed against the Earth’s sweet hairy breast,

A tree that looks at Steve Fish all day and lifts her cute girls to pray.

A tree that may in summer wear, a nest of fingers in her glasses.

Upon whose scare snow has lain.

Who intimately lives with balls.

Teeth are made by fools like me, but only toes can make a toe.


The Poo Plux Plan SING ‘A LONG

Sung to the Beverly Hillbillies theme song.





Come on ‘n listen to my story ’bout a man named Wilson

A little scary baby, hardley had any friends

And then one day, he was chewin’ on some poo

And up through his butt popped a can of Mountain Dewwwwww.

Poo, that is, brown gold, smelly mud


Well, the first thing you know, old Wilson’s eyes glowed

Lil’ Sherwood said,”Wilson, Like I give a care!”

Said, Poo Plux Plan is the place you oughta be

So they cleaned out their butts and they moved to the Pluuuuux

Poo Plux, that is, gigglesticks’, ::Veronica:: ‘s


Well, now it’s time to say goodbye to Wilson and all his friends

They would like to spank you folks for humpin’ their hens

You’re all invited back again to their cool new Clan

Do I have ta remeind you, it’s tha Poo Plux Plaaaaan!?

Wilson’s Plan, that is, it isn’t ‘Ku-Ku’, it deals with a boo-boo.


Y’all Check it out, hear?


Ode to a Smurf

Davey, Davey, Dave

Dave Davey Dayve Day Da Day

Davey Day da Day

Day Day Day Da Davey

Dave Da Davey Dave, ::back round singers:: Davey Dave Davey

Davey Da Dave Da Dave Day ::back ups:: Da Dave Dave Day

Davey Dayve Day Da::back ups:: Da Day Day Day

Da Day Day Day

Davey Davey Dave Dave Davey Dave Day Da Day Dave Da Dave Da Daay ayy ayyyyy…. Smurf.


Blue Balls

Parody of “Blue,” by Eiffel 65


yo listen up heres the story about a little guy with great big blue balls

and all day and all night they are blue like him inside and outside blue

his house with a blue little window and a blue corvet and both his nuts are

blue for him and himself and everybody around cause he aint got nobody to

suck them………..they’re blue da ba de da ba di……….i have a blue

house with a blue window blue is the color my balls are cause i aint got

nobody to suck them i have a girlfriend and she wont suck my blue balls

blue are the people here that walk around blue like my car that sits

outside blue like the feelings that live inside me but my girlfriends

inside is pink…………they’re blue da ba de da ba di…….i have some

blue nuts with some blue pubic hairs blue is the color my nuts have always

been blue are the streets and all the trees are too i have a girlfriend and

she smells like poo …………..they’re blue da ba de da ba

di…………..inside and outside blue is his house with a blue little

window and everything is blue for him and and everybody

around…………they’re blue da ba de da ba di………….



Parody of “Bawitdaba,” by Kid Rock.



bawitdabadabanddabanddiggydiggydiggysaidthaboogysaidupjumpthaboogy 10x






(chorus again)


now this is for the guys that dont have any weeners, the naked donkeys

and the topless fatass guys from down the street, the horny freaks, and

the cars packed with cheese bread, the wee wee thats not horny and the

chics with weeners, all the sluts underneath the stardust hotel in las

vegas that gave me 10 reasons to be the faggot i am. you can look for

your penis, but that aint fun.. now get in the bed and start wacking your



(chorus.. again)


I have no penis, its really sad.. The sluts underneath the stardust hotel

in las vegas had to lick my pubic hair theres nothing there hey thats the

first fucking thing that rhymes in this song. To all you bastards that

made fun of me, the last concert i had i pissed myself badly and everyone

thought i was a loser, which i am! you can look for your penis, but that

and fun.. now get in the bed and start wacking your dilly!




the end


Pick of Bum

Parody of the Gilligan’s Island theme song.


Just pick that bum, and enjoy that pick,

Its quite a pick of bum,

That pick is one thats very nice, so eat a bunch of mung,

A toad once told me that i sucked, i beat him with a branch,

Off the old sic-a-more, that made me laugh and prance,

Made me laugh and prance,


That bum was red and sore my freind, stopping’s well advised,

Just then that toad came to mind, now im lots less kind,

Now im lots less kind,


That bum was beaten many times, o’ many times indeed,

Oh beating it!

With a stick!

Red and green guts!

That toad was dead,

But whoopsy whoops,

Its a bum,

Oh its a bum indeeeeeeeed!


Green Poopies

Parody of the Green Acres theme song.


Green poopies is a dreaded disease,

Pain will come, welp, on very swift wings,

I cant imagine haveing green poop,

Darlin’ I’m sorry but poop is poop,

–green poop

–whoop whoop

–pain there

–where where

Poop is poop, yes this may be,

But you are my bung hole,

You’re comin’ with me!


A Man Named Stan

A man, a man,

A man named Stan,


A real cool tan,

Old stan had,


A tan, a tan,

A tan on stan,


A perminant ban,

On old stans tan,


Stan, the man,

Got hit with a pan,


Poor old Stan,

Doing the can can,


Stand Stan, the man,

Stand to the can can,


Bew dew dew dew da dew da do do da dew dew dew dew doooo,


Whoooahh, stan, (thheeee maaaan)

Had that tan, (whoaaaah that taaaannn, honey, lord!)

Whoooah-A-O-O-AHHHH, perminant ban, (praise that ban honey!, praise it!)

Caa-a-a-a-aAAHH-AN, CAN!, (honey, shake it lord, go, have mercy!)

Pan, baby, Pan!, (look out for that pan baby!)

Look at it, no, lord, have mercy, theres a time for everything baby,


Lord! (Looooooooooord)

Let me say this to all the home boys, makin noise,

We’re gonna go crazy with this hon! (lord!)



Have it honey (mercy, babe)