Hate Mail #8607

From : “Erica Vrhel” <glitter_gurl@msn.com>

To : <davebond_cashmm@hotmail.com>

Subject : hey!!

Date : Sun, 1 Apr 2001 22:01:15 -0400

dear fagots,

im sorry to say but this sight sucks!!!!!it looks like u guys r just all imature if u ask me!!!!!

ohh hoho peepee heehee poopoo imm imature lets draw pictures of peepee!!!thats an imatation of u!!!!!!i just wanted to tell u that if u want a funny sight then dont be so imature next time!!


Hate Mail #8605

From : “twinster” <twinster@email.msn.com>

To : <davebond_cashmm@hotmail.com>

Subject : poopie

Date : Sun, 24 Sep 2000 21:20:04 -0000

too bad david…… your site stinks!!!!!!! you should get AOE2 so i can

KICK YOUR BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!! do you have C&C or Red Alert, or Tiberian sun, or

Dark Reign? cuz ill kick yer dumb butt in all of em!!!!!!


see ya in woods man. talk later!


Fan Mail #8604

Date: Nov 23 2003 / 11:36:00

name = joe-momma

email = me@jtweber.com

fanmail = I really like the site. You guys remind me of myself. I actually have a small flash comic strip going right now that I think would fit in really nicely with your “movies” section, tell me what you think! You can find the movies here:



More to come soon! Have fun, and thanks.

– Joe –


Fan Mail #8603

Date/Time of Posting: May 13 2003 / 15:21:15

name = GoochGaL

email = iLuvsk8rs09@hotmail.com

fanmail = Hey Guys, I just read ur hate mail. . . u guys are rite. How can anyone hate u guys. u guys are prolly the most commical ppl i have met, i act the same way you guys do, and its fun as heck! we can be complete idiots and pull it off . . . BUT . . . how and the hell can i talk to u guys one on one or watever . . . i wanna get to know u guys, u seem pretty cool or something. email me back if u desire




Fan Mail #8600

This is from NoBloodForOil’s Weblog thing at Xanga, not a “mail”

Friday, February 21, 2003

::falls over laughing:: so, how do you like my new music?

It’s from http://www.squackle.com. Weird name and even weirder site. It’s funny as hell, though. They even did a MIDI of “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson.

Once again, funny as hell.

(he was playing RHCP – Californication on his thing)


Fan Mail #8598

From : CaptnRandom@webtv.net

To : davebond_cashmm@hotmail.com

Subject : what the hell…

Date : Thu, 3 May 2001 03:12:52 -0400 (EDT)

I can’t believe what an amusing waste of my valuable time this dumbass

quiz was. Having nothing better to d at three in the morning, I

actually counted up the number of points I acquired…53. Congratulate

me, I’m an asshole. I wasted several precious minutes of my life on

this. I’m sure I could be more proud of an uncommonly dry dump. Of

this I’m sure. You guys can suck it.

Ps…your quiz is hysterical.


Fan Mail #8597

From : noisetankk@excelonline.com

To : <davebond_cashmm@hotmail.com>

Subject : hey can u help me

Date : Tue, 6 Mar 2001 18:29:11 -0800

hey man i heard 1 of yall got a file that i can use to like mess around wwith unichat u no like change it.well i could not find it on your site so plz send it to me throught email r any ather way u can thanks man your sites sooooooooooooooo coooool


Fan Mail #8595

From : “Wocsid ™” <wocsid@hotmail.com>

To : davebond_cashmm@hotmail.com

Subject : I would like to give squackle an award

Date : Tue, 01 Aug 2000 01:05:33 GMT

You have one of the most idiotic web sites on the internet. But I’m an idiot so I like it (the background=perfect).

Congratulations! Your site is the latest recipient of the coveted “Bob’s Groovy Napkin Award” for being a groovy web site. You should notice a significant increase in traffic to your site (some of the previous winners have reported increases of up to FOUR(!!!) extra hits/month), so be prepared for the e-mail to start piling up. If for some sick and demented reason you are proud of this achievement, you can slap the award graphic attached to this e-mail (groovy.gif) on your site somewhere (and linking it to http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/9317 would be nice).




Fan Mail #8594

This is one of the funniest sites I’ve been on in quite some time. There are lots and lots of fun things to do and see on this site such as the song section, which takes songs and rewrites the lyrics, hilarious stuff, and the arcade section is great too, you can play the love tester, scary picture thingy, or my personal favorite, washed up celebrity dunking booth lol. Don’t miss out on the joke section and the dictonary section as well.