#10318: stimpyismyname -> davepoobond

stimpyismyname: heeeeey davvvvve

davepoobond: hi

stimpyismyname: whatcha doin

stimpyismyname: squackle?

davepoobond: ya

davepoobond: wut are U doin

davepoobond: ur mom?

stimpyismyname: nope

stimpyismyname: yours of course

davepoobond: as always

stimpyismyname: xbox

davepoobond: get halo yet?

stimpyismyname: nope

stimpyismyname: no games

stimpyismyname: im gonna work on my xbox soundtrack

stimpyismyname: whee

davepoobond: o…k…?


#10317: davepoobond -> stimpyismyname

davepoobond: 20.73 right

stimpyismyname: yea

davepoobond: mine is gonna b funny

stimpyismyname: why..

davepoobond: you’ll see

stimpyismyname: pennies

stimpyismyname: or somethi

davepoobond: no

stimpyismyname: ok

stimpyismyname: im sure its hillarious dvaid

davepoobond: k

davepoobond: no ones buyin from the squackle shop

davepoobond: booohooo

stimpyismyname: haha

stimpyismyname: loooser

davepoobond: fuku

stimpyismyname: what

davepoobond: lol i farted and my step-dad heard it

davepoobond: and then he said “david!”

stimpyismyname: haha

stimpyismyname: so david

stimpyismyname: hows ur weekend goin

davepoobond: boring

davepoobond: i saw barbershop

stimpyismyname: why

stimpyismyname: why david

stimpyismyname: hey

stimpyismyname: david

stimpyismyname: did you fart again

stimpyismyname: did bill beat you this time

stimpyismyname: hey david

davepoobond: sorry, i was out for a while

stimpyismyname: oooohhh

stimpyismyname: now i get it

stimpyismyname: you were GONE

stimpyismyname: oooh

stimpyismyname: it makes so much more sense

davepoobond: no..

davepoobond: out as in unconcious

stimpyismyname: yea

stimpyismyname: oooooh

stimpyismyname: reary?

stimpyismyname: smokin a lot?

stimpyismyname: hmm

stimpyismyname: out again?

stimpyismyname: i need a cyber smelling salt

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: but i took some time out to do ur mom

stimpyismyname: oh

davepoobond: she says hi

stimpyismyname: ur moms almost done with my pretzel

stimpyismyname: im gonna let her outta my ass soon

davepoobond: well then that’s good. then she can make me some dinner

stimpyismyname: it might smell a little

davepoobond: my dinner or your ass?

stimpyismyname: well both i guess

davepoobond: right

davepoobond: its almost breakfast time, tell her to come out of ur extremely large ass before 12

stimpyismyname: she likes it there

stimpyismyname: she put in a sleeping bag

stimpyismyname: i think shes planning to spend the night

stimpyismyname: its a big pretzel

davepoobond: wtf is with this pretzel

davepoobond: did u shove it up ur ass or something

stimpyismyname: yes

stimpyismyname: we talked about it before

davepoobond: dude ur gayer than Harry and the Hendersons

stimpyismyname: uhh

stimpyismyname: dont know what that is

davepoobond: which is why you suck tremendously

davepoobond: i gtg bye

stimpyismyname: uh huh..

stimpyismyname: WHOOOOSH

stimpyismyname: get it?

davepoobond: a magnificent amount, u suck

davepoobond: bye

stimpyismyname: bye fag

stimpyismyname: gimme another pretzel

stimpyismyname: ur moms hungry


#10315: stimpyismyname -> davepoobond

stimpyismyname: hey daaave

davepoobond: hey markkk

stimpyismyname: hi

davepoobond: G Gundam is on

stimpyismyname: dont CARE

stimpyismyname: ITS ALWAYS FUCKING ON

davepoobond: so is ur mom

stimpyismyname: AAAHHHH!!!

stimpyismyname: GAAAYYYY!!

stimpyismyname: so is ur mom on my bagel

stimpyismyname: i dont think i have to say where the bagel is

davepoobond: in ur ass?

davepoobond: cuz you like stuffing stuff up there

stimpyismyname: like your mom

stimpyismyname: you never said that you were a jackass on squackle

stimpyismyname: im dissapointed in you david

davepoobond: sorry about that…i’ll remember next time

stimpyismyname: u better

stimpyismyname: or u get a pointy stick in the eye


#10314: SkatDvss -> davepoobond

SkatDvss: hey this is abdo

davepoobond: hey

SkatDvss: wat are u doin

davepoobond: homework

SkatDvss: hahaha

davepoobond: ya just wait till ur in 11th grade

SkatDvss: k

SkatDvss: i lik ur buddy icon

davepoobond: heh

SkatDvss: do u remmber me

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: i went to ur house..

SkatDvss: play xbox

davepoobond: ya…

SkatDvss: im bored

davepoobond: haha

davepoobond: go to bed

SkatDvss: no

SkatDvss: why hell no

davepoobond: ?

SkatDvss: are u don with ur homwork

davepoobond: a power point presentation

SkatDvss: my mom likes power point

SkatDvss: brb

SkatDvss: got to go poo

SkatDvss: back

davepoobond: heh

SkatDvss: is school hard for u

SkatDvss: 11th grade

davepoobond: eh just Spanish 3

SkatDvss: oh

SkatDvss: i g2g

SkatDvss: see ya

SkatDvss: bye

davepoobond: bye


#10312: davepoobond -> stimpyismyname

davepoobond: blah

stimpyismyname: you should buy soldier of fortune: double helix

stimpyismyname: for pc

stimpyismyname: or doom 3

davepoobond: yes tell me more

stimpyismyname: stfu

stimpyismyname: poo

davepoobond: U

davepoobond: !

stimpyismyname: :-):-(;-):-P:-P=-O:-*=-O:-*>:o

davepoobond: :'(

stimpyismyname: :-):-(:-*>:o8-)

stimpyismyname: >:o:-P:-(;-):-*;-)8-):-*=-O

stimpyismyname: =-O:-P:-(:-*:-(:-P;-)

stimpyismyname: =-O;-):-(;-):-P;-):-(>:o:-(

stimpyismyname: im faaast

stimpyismyname: :-[:-!:-$:-[:-!:-$:-\:-[:-!:-[O:-):-[:-[O:-):-$O:-):-[

davepoobond: 1111

stimpyismyname: mmmhmm

stimpyismyname: “Let’s do the Fooka Fooka”

stimpyismyname: what game is that song from

davepoobond: i dont see those quote things ur doing

stimpyismyname: i’ll give you a hint

davepoobond: i see ”

stimpyismyname: its the only game u ever beat

davepoobond: super mario rpg?

stimpyismyname: yep

stimpyismyname: ha

davepoobond: ur mom

stimpyismyname: nope

stimpyismyname: urs

stimpyismyname: bitch

davepoobond: did u happen to catch today’s insallment of DBZ?

stimpyismyname: no


stimpyismyname: i dont watch that gay shit

stimpyismyname: andy does tho

davepoobond: did he record it

stimpyismyname: did u miss it or somethin

davepoobond: yea

stimpyismyname: no

stimpyismyname: who gives a crap

davepoobond: i need a recap from someone

stimpyismyname: its so gay

stimpyismyname: just watch the next episode

davepoobond: dude this is the episode where goku goes SSJ3! 3 goddamit

stimpyismyname: haha

stimpyismyname: uhhh

stimpyismyname: youre…. gay?

stimpyismyname: yeah

stimpyismyname: thought so

davepoobond: ur mom

stimpyismyname: nope

stimpyismyname: urs

stimpyismyname: bitch

davepoobond: URS

stimpyismyname: burn in hell

davepoobond: burn in ur moms womb

stimpyismyname: that took u a while, eh?

davepoobond: i was eating a klondike bar

stimpyismyname: uh huh

stimpyismyname: sure

davepoobond: i WAS

stimpyismyname: uh huh

stimpyismyname: sure

davepoobond: i’ll bring the fucking wrapper to school tomorrow

stimpyismyname: ok

stimpyismyname: i need it carbon dated

stimpyismyname: down to minutes

davepoobond: i need ur mom carbon dated

stimpyismyname: and get the papers notarized

stimpyismyname: u FAG

stimpyismyname: and gimme a bagel

davepoobond: from goldstein’s or just a reg. bagel

stimpyismyname: golodstiens

davepoobond: precut?

stimpyismyname: sure

stimpyismyname: brb!

stimpyismyname: ok!

stimpyismyname: im back!

davepoobond: ok! great!

stimpyismyname: yesss!!!

davepoobond: what?

stimpyismyname: huh?

davepoobond: 9

stimpyismyname: wheres my bagell

davepoobond: i’m sorry, i put my penis through the hole, and ur mom is trying to eat the bagel now

stimpyismyname: oh

stimpyismyname: im talking to her right now

stimpyismyname: ha

davepoobond: right..

davepoobond: i knew htat

davepoobond: that

stimpyismyname: she just saw what u wrote

davepoobond: crap

davepoobond: ummm

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: all fun and games,

davepoobond: yes…

davepoobond: la la la la

stimpyismyname: shes gonna beat your ass now

davepoobond: did she really?

stimpyismyname: yea

davepoobond: ah crap

davepoobond: i guess i’ll just stay away from ur house now

davepoobond: houses

stimpyismyname: good

davepoobond: no, but seriously she did

stimpyismyname: unless u want a pointy stick up your ass

stimpyismyname: no

davepoobond: good

davepoobond: u had me goin there for a bit

davepoobond: u ass

stimpyismyname: yea i know

stimpyismyname: it was funny

stimpyismyname: my mom was lughin too

davepoobond: wtf

stimpyismyname: *laughin

stimpyismyname: god ur too easy

stimpyismyname: ha…

davepoobond: ur moms easy

Auto response from stimpyismyname: wakka wakka do!!


#10311: davepoobond -> Ghost5050

davepoobond: did u happen to catch today’s insallment of DBZ?

Ghost5050: no sorry

Ghost5050: i dont have cable

davepoobond: damn how do u live

Ghost5050: hahaha

Ghost5050: GAMES

Ghost5050: of course

Ghost5050: is the DBZ new or is it those shity old ones where they talk for like 1 whole episode then charge up for 30 minutes and fight for only 3 minutes and then talk for the rest of the shwow?

davepoobond: umm

davepoobond: its Majin Buu saga

davepoobond: but it basically is like that

Ghost5050: o

Ghost5050: hes the pink guy rite?

davepoobond: yeah

Ghost5050: the fat and the skinny one

davepoobond: but its goin a lot faster than freiza

davepoobond: the small one

Ghost5050: whos the fat one?

davepoobond: pink = buu

davepoobond: small wizard guy = babidi

Ghost5050: ?

Ghost5050: isnt there 2 pink guys

davepoobond: no..

davepoobond: not yet anyway

Ghost5050: YEA

davepoobond: goku is goin SSJ3


davepoobond: i dont know

davepoobond: \\\\\\\//////\\\\\\///// ow


#10310: davepoobond -> Holmes

davepoobond: i finally updated squackle

Holmes: yay

Holmes: 😀

davepoobond: o ya

davepoobond: not much funny stuff actually i dont think

Holmes: heh

Holmes: hows it hangin

davepoobond: alright, u

Holmes: heheheh\

Holmes: …

davepoobond: i’m writing an essay on how TV impacts the family

davepoobond: on family interactions, and the effects of tv on children

davepoobond: whoopee

Holmes: sway

Holmes: ..

davepoobond: its kinda weird tho

Holmes: sway..that sounds col

Holmes: i made up a new word

davepoobond: actually

davepoobond: that was in Batman Beyond

Holmes: shut up

Holmes: anyways

davepoobond: TV pretty much corrupts the family, according to some of these articles i got

Holmes: lmao

davepoobond: it kinda makes sense i suppose

Holmes: “i watched too much of the simpsons, now i have a compulsive disorder to say d’oh!”

davepoobond: not exactly

davepoobond: there’s just a decrease in family communication

davepoobond: people dont talk as much

davepoobond: and people dont do as much together as a family

davepoobond: they use more of their time to watch tv, making less time for more usualy traditional family stuff

Holmes: ok

davepoobond: and it makes it seem less interesting than just staying at home, and a lot less effort

davepoobond: o ya

Holmes: jeeze

davepoobond: i’ll put this on squackle later tho

davepoobond: in s-up world

davepoobond: bleh, it kinda sucks how there’s not much interesting things to do on squackle actually

Holmes: well

davepoobond: do u think so too?

Holmes: when i feel like laughin i go there

Holmes: thats what it’s for, laughing

davepoobond: yeah…

davepoobond: but if you just go

davepoobond: and ur bored

davepoobond: and u dont really wanna read

davepoobond: then that’s when i dont know what the heck u would actually do there

Holmes: when i’m bored i’ll do anything to get unbored

Holmes: except read educational books or watch the cooking channel

davepoobond: well, i’m talking in a general sense

davepoobond: like if i went there just for the hell of it

davepoobond: there’s not much to actually do that’s interesting

davepoobond: o well =P

davepoobond: stupid blowthetoad didnt buy anything yet, that stupid bastard

davepoobond: from the shop

davepoobond: if he dont, no one will

Holmes: heh

Holmes: my bro is iming me from his other computer and rankin on me

davepoobond: heh

Holmes: stupid bastard

Holmes: yeah

Holmes: anyways

davepoobond: did u happen to catch today’s insallment of DBZ?

Holmes: no

Holmes: don’t watch it

davepoobond: bleh

Holmes: my manager from work, he’s cuban, wants me to help him with his spelling

Holmes: thats the only reason why i’m staying on, he just got aol

Holmes: and he said he’d be on at 11:30 but that bastard is late

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: r u gettin extra money for it?

Holmes: there we go

davepoobond: or u doin it out of the goodness of ur heart

Holmes: AWILDA SAMO [11:38 PM]: is me yoel

Holmes [11:38 PM]: hey yoel it’s george

AWILDA SAMO [11:38 PM]: so you are there

Holmes: my bro is messin with him

Holmes: goodness of my heart

davepoobond: lol

Holmes: LMAO

Holmes: my bro said: “you fuckin flamer”

davepoobond: lol send me the IM

Holmes: Holmes [11:41 PM]: phil was talking to you

Holmes [11:41 PM]: what did he say?

AWILDA SAMO [11:42 PM]: he said if I like mans


#10309: davepoobond -> Phoenix

davepoobond: i updated squackle whoopee

Phoenix: whee!

davepoobond: first time since 9/07

Phoenix: I stole a desk from school

Phoenix: and a window..

davepoobond: lol

Phoenix: and one of those things off the exit doors, you know those big bars that you press to open the door?

davepoobond: ya

Phoenix: one of those, had to pry it loose though, heh

Phoenix: so what did you update with?

davepoobond: uhh u pry have to refresh

Phoenix: Oh, I got my website but the space isn’t up yet.

davepoobond: oh

Phoenix: So soon I should have my comic up, and you shall have much linkage

davepoobond: cool

davepoobond: wanna be in the Squackle network?

Phoenix: O’course

davepoobond: k. then what you have to do is put a Link, above the fold, saying “This site is apart of the Squackle! Network” and link it to www.arcticnetwork.net/squackle/network.html

Phoenix: …fold?

davepoobond: so you dont have to scroll down

davepoobond: to see it

Phoenix: ahh, sure

davepoobond: whats the name of ur site

Phoenix: bad ink for now, may be changed.

davepoobond: description, and URL?

Phoenix: the site will be up in a few weeks probably, once my scanner is back home and my pc is wiped (on my laptop now)

davepoobond: k

Phoenix: Not sure yet, I have a few scripts in mind….

davepoobond: i’ll get it ready on the network page as much as i can at least

davepoobond: do you have a description of it?

davepoobond: or can u make one yet

Phoenix: Not really

davepoobond: alright

Phoenix: Just put “Chock fulla tuna”

davepoobond: want me to say “Phoenix’s website”

davepoobond: cuz ur known as that on squackle

Phoenix: Adam aka Phoenix

davepoobond: Adam (aka Phoenix’s)

Phoenix: cool

Phoenix: Hmm, I’m bleeding

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: y

Phoenix: I really hate those mystery cuts, y’know?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: all of a sudden u notice it and u dont know from where

davepoobond: i got these like big scabs on my hand once and i dont even know where i got them from

Phoenix: It’s like “oh, hey I have what looks like I have a knife wound… oh well”

davepoobond: or on my arm

Phoenix: what looks like a knife wound*

Phoenix: forgive me, I’ve been eating pizza dough

davepoobond: heh

Phoenix: Picture this… count chocula, frankenberry AND booberry combining it to a mega-zord of tooth decay

davepoobond: heh


#10307: stimpyismyname -> davepoobond

stimpyismyname: dave

davepoobond: yeah

stimpyismyname: yep

stimpyismyname: hows life

davepoobond: alright….

stimpyismyname: get any games for your computer

stimpyismyname: i mean actual games

stimpyismyname: ya know

stimpyismyname: ones you buy

davepoobond: no, nothing new

davepoobond: just the ones in my pack

stimpyismyname: like what

davepoobond: command and conquer, red alert, warzone 2100

davepoobond: kknd 2

davepoobond: starcraft

stimpyismyname: o

stimpyismyname: i thought u meant the computer came with a pck…

davepoobond: no

stimpyismyname: 8-)pack

stimpyismyname: :-):-(:-*=-O8-)>:o:-*:-P;-):-*=-O;-):-(:-P;-)

davepoobond: great




















stimpyismyname: wow

davepoobond: that musta tooken u a while

stimpyismyname: amazin

stimpyismyname: nope

stimpyismyname: 2 sec

davepoobond: =-O


#10304: stimpyismyname -> everclear311

stimpyismyname: do you like everclear/

everclear311: love them

stimpyismyname: cool

stimpyismyname: u like 311

stimpyismyname: ?

everclear311: yes yes i do

stimpyismyname: cool

everclear311: im everclears biggest fan

stimpyismyname: really??

stimpyismyname: biggest/

everclear311: yes

stimpyismyname: what about tom johnson

everclear311: no

everclear311: whos he

stimpyismyname: he burned his house for them, remember

stimpyismyname: then they gave him front row seats

stimpyismyname: did YOU ever burn your house down?

stimpyismyname: …for everclear

everclear311: no cuz im not an idiot

stimpyismyname: yea

stimpyismyname: it was funny tho

everclear311: why the hell would i burn my house down for them

stimpyismyname: cause u like themm

stimpyismyname: REALLY like them

stimpyismyname: do it

stimpyismyname: i DARE you

everclear311: yeah well what would buring my house down do to show how much i like them

stimpyismyname: man, it just does

stimpyismyname: tom johnsons a smart guy

everclear311: no

stimpyismyname: phd in astrophsics

everclear311: who is he

stimpyismyname: hes that guy

stimpyismyname: but i think he might of died

stimpyismyname: yeah

stimpyismyname: so anyway

stimpyismyname: i was thinkin of starting a mail chain to honor tom johnson

Previous message was not received by everclear311 because of error: User everclear311 is not available.


#10303: davepoobond -> PISSER1

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series PISSER1

davepoobond: hey thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bitch

davepoobond: this is david johnson

PISSER1: lol

PISSER1: whats with the language

PISSER1: david

davepoobond: sorry momma brought me up different than tom

PISSER1: lol

PISSER1: Interesting.

PISSER1: so toms the good boy

davepoobond: i guess

davepoobond: if you can call him that

davepoobond: but he is a little on the gay side

davepoobond: “momma knows best” she always said

PISSER1: why hes not good?

davepoobond: no..

PISSER1: so than what is tom

davepoobond: a little gay

PISSER1: lol

PISSER1: How old are you?

davepoobond: 15

PISSER1: n how old is tom?

davepoobond: uhhh

davepoobond: 17 or something

PISSER1: lolol

PISSER1: u dono how old ur brother is

davepoobond: nope

davepoobond: do you

PISSER1: yep


PISSER1: thats why i asked u

davepoobond: yeah he’s 17


davepoobond: one time he brought one of his friends home

davepoobond: and i heard giggling sounds from his room

davepoobond: the door was closed

davepoobond: we have thin walls, so i hear everything

PISSER1: lmaoooooooooo

PISSER1: u only heard the giggling? maybe they were watching a funny movie

davepoobond: trust me. he wasn’t

davepoobond: he doesnt even have a tv in his room

davepoobond: he humps the mattress. did he tell you that?

davepoobond: it takes him a half an hour to finish

davepoobond: i hear the bed knocking against the walls all the time

PISSER1: lololol

davepoobond: its really annoying

PISSER1: u are crazy

davepoobond: thats what happens!

davepoobond: everyyyyyyyyydayyyyyyyyyyyy

davepoobond: sometimes 2 times a day!

PISSER1: lol

davepoobond: he’s like my alarm clock in the morning

PISSER1: haha, what time?

davepoobond: 3:40

davepoobond: sometimes later, but not really

PISSER1: thats early

davepoobond: he’s like a fucking machine

davepoobond: i cant do it more than 1 time every 9 hours

PISSER1: thats crazy

davepoobond: i addressed him about it, but he said he didn’t know what i was talking about

PISSER1: lol

davepoobond: he’s a momma’s boy

PISSER1: n what are u

davepoobond: she taught HIM how to masturbate, but not me

PISSER1: rofl

PISSER1: wtf

PISSER1: thats sick

davepoobond: yeah well, what am i gonna do about it

davepoobond: he’s kinda wacky when it comes to that

davepoobond: i mean he made this screen name


PISSER1: sounds like ur mom is wacky too

davepoobond: passes along in the family

davepoobond: but me, i take after my grandma

davepoobond: snorting coke, smoking weed, drinking booze

PISSER1: rofl

PISSER1: well, thats good!


davepoobond: ok

PISSER1: back

davepoobond: k

davepoobond: tom has a typewriter

PISSER1: oh yea?

PISSER1: like a word processer?

davepoobond: …no…

davepoobond: a typewriter

davepoobond: manual

davepoobond: like in the porno movies

davepoobond: cuz they can’t actually afford computers

PISSER1: ooo

PISSER1: rofl

davepoobond: i’ve got a massive dong

PISSER1: INteresting

PISSER1: thanx for telling me

davepoobond: its like 8===========================================================> this big

PISSER1: wow thats huge

davepoobond: but tom’s is o-<


PISSER1: thats sad isnt it

davepoobond: yeah kinda

davepoobond: but he was the momma’s boy

davepoobond: i was more pappa’s boy

PISSER1: lol

PISSER1: I c! so maybe that could be it

davepoobond: he always told me “massive dongs = get big tits”

PISSER1: lol

PISSER1: ur dads pretty wacked too

davepoobond: eh yeah well, thats the johnson spirit for you

PISSER1: lol

PISSER1: whats the nationality of the johnsons?

davepoobond: polish

davepoobond: the polish have nice sausages. if you get what i’m saying

davepoobond: all except tom


PISSER1: i feel sorry for tom

PISSER1: he doesnt seem to fit into the fam

davepoobond: why cuz he has a small penis?

davepoobond: yeah well, he’s got an envelope full of men’s torsos

davepoobond: i mean, its not a letter envelope

davepoobond: but a manila one, those big huge ones

PISSER1: rofl

davepoobond: most of them are firefighters

davepoobond: wearing nothing but jeans and suspenders

davepoobond: and fireman helmets

PISSER1: what?

davepoobond: ok, they dont have shirts right

davepoobond: they have pants on

davepoobond: no shoes or socks

davepoobond: suspenders

davepoobond: on their shoulders, and helmets

PISSER1: yea

PISSER1: they have shoes

PISSER1: and socks rofl

davepoobond: not these

davepoobond: amazing what you can find on the internet these days

davepoobond: tom’s kinda like a swinging door

davepoobond: sometimes he’s straight, but sometimes he’s open…..if you get what i mean

davepoobond: i oughtta get going now

davepoobond: i’ll talk to you later

PISSER1: rofl ok


davepoobond: i have to get to sleep b4 tom starts jacking off

davepoobond: otherwise i wont be able to go to sleep till 12


PISSER1: ur too funny

PISSER1: lol

davepoobond: why thank you