#10320: stimpyismyname -> davepoobond

stimpyismyname: heeeey dave

davepoobond: hi

stimpyismyname: im gonna play counter strike

stimpyismyname: mmkay?

davepoobond: mmmdont care

stimpyismyname: mmfuckofff

stimpyismyname: poop troop

davepoobond: ur moms a poop toop

davepoobond: troop

stimpyismyname: what are your “big ideas”

stimpyismyname: or whatever

davepoobond: screwing ur mom up the asssss

stimpyismyname: oh

stimpyismyname: i already thought of doin that to your mom

stimpyismyname: poop

stimpyismyname: bow wow kkk kkk bow wow kk k kk k kk k

stimpyismyname: whats that

stimpyismyname: its bulls on parade

davepoobond: right

stimpyismyname: farnelbee

stimpyismyname: ha

stimpyismyname: boy

stimpyismyname: im funny

stimpyismyname: yep..

End of IMs2.

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