#10322: Billy Bot -> davepoobond

Billy is a bot that you can have a conversation with. It gets pretty funny when the bot goes all crazy after you say some stuff. The bot is in red, davepoobond is in blue.

BILLY> what is your name?

USER> Dave

BILLY> where do you live?


BILLY> tell me a story.

DAVE> I dont like telling stories

BILLY> course!

DAVE> course i do

BILLY> i would i sure… just like sure!

DAVE> yes its nice

BILLY> is great quite will, all think do yeah go for a run later!

DAVE> i think i will go for a run now

BILLY> do you know will?

DAVE> yeah

BILLY> what’s your favorite sport?

DAVE> i dont have one

BILLY> same goes for me!

DAVE> really

BILLY> what’s your favorite book? 😉

DAVE> people fucking people — a true life porno book



BILLY> what’s your favorite movie?

DAVE> Lord of the Rings

BILLY> were we even talking about the rings?

DAVE> yes

BILLY> is lost quite not, is think nice of go for a run later.

DAVE> for a later go run not quite lost


DAVE> nothing

BILLY> never fine quite yeah, nice think no surprisingly go for a run later.

DAVE> go for a run later never nice think no fine quite surprisingly

BILLY> actually, my girlfriend has a run.


BILLY> yeah not quite yeah, fine think all its go for a run later.

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