#10890: dvs -> sisterpoobond

dvs: cani ask u something

dvs: im bored

sisterpoobond: sure

dvs: im askin this to girls

dvs: ok?

sisterpoobond: gr8

sisterpoobond: lol yea

dvs: if i got u like a bra or a thong would u try it on infront of me xP?

sisterpoobond: o no problem of corse id do that

sisterpoobond: :-\

dvs: is that a yes or no?

dvs: i dunno really care dont worry

dvs: im not going to bujy u something

dvs: lol

dvs: jk

sisterpoobond: well then im not

dvs: so u wouldn’t

dvs: if i bought u something?

sisterpoobond: umm no

sisterpoobond: 😉

dvs: ok

dvs: huh

dvs: im confused


Our Alien

Our Alien’s name is Tayler. She is 9 years old. Tayler can’t walk on this planet, she can only walk on Uranus, because on Uranus one foot has to be taller than the other to be able to walk around.

This Alien can open her body. Inside her body is some extra things for her. For example, she has a few pens to write down info about Uranus. She has tape just in case her mouth comes off. She only drinks oil. She does not eat food.


She hears on her neck. Her eyes are made of stars that sparkle, and they are different colors (one is turquoise, and the other one is bright yellow.) Her body’s color is also turquoise. On the bottom of her feet, she has shields to protect her feet from getting too cold.


Tayler breaths through pipes. She gets around on Uranus, by walking on her shields that connect to her feet. She has a brown box inside of her that has all the oil she needs to drink to stay in good shape.


Her body is made of this thick kind of wood, and her head is made of cardboard with foil on it. Her feet are also made of cardboard and her shields are made of thin metal, because it doesn’t get that cold. Her shields don’t need to be thick.


All About Me!

Hi, My name is sisterpoobond. I am 10 years old right now. My favorite teach-

ers are: Mrs. Gallager, Mrs. Cuttingham, Miss. Mocerie, and of course Mrs. Miller. My favorite subject in school is Math, and Science. My favorite stores that I like o go to are: Limited Too, Afterthoughts, and Miller’s Outpost. I LOVE to go Shopping on the weekends! It is totally one of my favorite hobbies. I like to wear as many cool clothes as I possibly can. Around the world I have been to Catalina, Valley Forge, Big Bear, Lake Tahoe, Los Vegas, San Francisco, Laughlin, Grand Canyon, Hoover Damn, San Diego, Palm Springs, and some other place. And of course I have a lot of really good friends.


My Reaction to the Outsiders

My reaction to the book when I saw the cover was going to be, “oh no, another book I’m going to hate to read and going to get a bad grade on the book report!” But after I read about four chapters I got pulled into the story and wondered, what was going to happen next. I found out what had happened next when I finished reading the book. When I was on the last chapter I was saying to myself, “I’m almost done, I’m almost done!” And finally, when I was actually done with the book I said to my self, “Wow that was a very interesting story to read, I’m really glad I picked this book to read first, instead of one of the others. I know I’m going to get an A on my book report!”

The main character in the story The Outsiders, is a 14 year old boy named Ponyboy. He is one of three in his family. He had two parents but they died in a car wreck, a couple of years ago. Darrel (Darry) is one of Ponyboy’s brothers, and Soda-pop (Soda) is his other brother. Ponyboy is in a group called “greasers” out on the streets. For safety on the streets Ponyboy has to fight but not alone.


Summarizing 6th Grade

The 6th grade would have to be my best year in all the years I’ve been here at my school. This wa my best year because it had lots of challenges to figure out, field trips, and the greatest teachers! Every single teacher in the 6th grade tries their best at being the best they can be, and to tell you the truth, I like that in a teacher. Teachers make hard tests not for us to fail, but only for us to learn things we didn’t know about and to study from our mistakes.


My hardest class is Social Studies. My easiest class would have to be Math. I think that the academics in this 6th grade is improving every year. My favorite field trip was when we went to Pali Mountain. There were strict rules but that was only because the teachers wanted us to be safe at all times. I’ve had a best friend for about 4 years, but in the beginning of the 4th quarter she had to move away. I was very sad but then I found two other great friends. I still miss my other friend that moved away, but I call her every day so I won’t forget her.


In the third grade, I was new at my school and I thought that this school wouldn’t be any better than my old school. But after just one day at my school, I knew that I would enjoy the next four years of my life at my school!

I also like this school because the city I used to live in had some gangs, but here in this city, there aren’t any. I’m very sad that I can’t go to my school next year, but there are many positive things to look forward to. One positive idea, is that at the end of the fourth quarter we get to have no school and a whole day of games and food.


Another positive is that I get to have an elective at the High School. Another idea that I’m looking forward to is that I get to meet many new people at the high school. I’m glad that on the last day of school we’re having a big party, because when the 6th grade goes to high school next year, we will have the best memories, including all the fun we had that day.