My Reaction to the Outsiders

My reaction to the book when I saw the cover was going to be, “oh no, another book I’m going to hate to read and going to get a bad grade on the book report!” But after I read about four chapters I got pulled into the story and wondered, what was going to happen next. I found out what had happened next when I finished reading the book. When I was on the last chapter I was saying to myself, “I’m almost done, I’m almost done!” And finally, when I was actually done with the book I said to my self, “Wow that was a very interesting story to read, I’m really glad I picked this book to read first, instead of one of the others. I know I’m going to get an A on my book report!”

The main character in the story The Outsiders, is a 14 year old boy named Ponyboy. He is one of three in his family. He had two parents but they died in a car wreck, a couple of years ago. Darrel (Darry) is one of Ponyboy’s brothers, and Soda-pop (Soda) is his other brother. Ponyboy is in a group called “greasers” out on the streets. For safety on the streets Ponyboy has to fight but not alone.

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