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#10890: dvs -> sisterpoobond

dvs: cani ask u something

dvs: im bored

sisterpoobond: sure

dvs: im askin this to girls

dvs: ok?

sisterpoobond: gr8

sisterpoobond: lol yea

dvs: if i got u like a bra or a thong would u try it on infront of me xP?

sisterpoobond: o no problem of corse id do that

sisterpoobond: :-\

dvs: is that a yes or no?

dvs: i dunno really care dont worry

dvs: im not going to bujy u something

dvs: lol

dvs: jk

sisterpoobond: well then im not

dvs: so u wouldn’t

dvs: if i bought u something?

sisterpoobond: umm no

sisterpoobond: 😉

dvs: ok

dvs: huh

dvs: im confused