#5932: Holmes -> Sprivenx

Holmes is on a different sn from before he IMd Sprivenx in the previous IM.

Holmes: Poopimopi

Sprivenx: whos this>

Holmes: Wanker

Sprivenx: whos this?!

Holmes: I already told you, Wanker

Holmes: I believe you contacted my boss

Sprivenx: whos yer boss?

Holmes: I cannot tell you his name, but his America Online screen name is “Holmes”

Sprivenx: Holmes

Holmes: Exactly

Sprivenx: so?

Holmes: He has called upon his family members to threaten a certain production company

Sprivenx: yea?

Holmes: and in return, he has asked you for a favor

Sprivenx: i know but listen…

Sprivenx: he wnts over $60 in DVDS and im broke! im trying to save up money for myself! and i cant do that for a TV show!

Holmes: I understand

Holmes: Well then, I guess I will not being able to get my “Tom And Huck” film

Holmes: I know a great thing that will help us both out

Sprivenx: waht..?

Holmes: You can talk with our Prime Negotiator and Buisness dealsman and Professional Pimp, Ronny “Bobonny” Feefiefofonny…he’s on right now

Holmes: i’m afraid i must get off, his America Online Screen name is “davepoobond”

Holmes: Talk to him, he will settle it all”


he doesn’t, dave trys to IM him, but he doesn’t respond

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